High Society
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C. K. Dexter-Haven: They met in a hole in the ground.

Tracy Lord: I would like to talk to you privately.
C. K. Dexter-Haven: Well now, I consider that right neighborly.

Mike Connor: She can't be for real.
Liz Imbrie: Who was doing the interviewing?
Mike Connor: You think she was born that way?
Liz Imbrie: Nah. Takes years.

Mike Connor: Would you have four footmen bring me a large ashtray.
Liz Imbrie: Mike, be careful what you say. We may be wired for sound.

Louis Armstrong: What goes on around here? There's a dark horse in this here race and my boy's running a slow third.

Tracy Lord: One thing's for sure. You're well rid of me.
C. K. Dexter-Haven: Oh, no, no-one can say that but me.

Mike Connor: Have you heard the story of a boy a girl, unrequited love?
C. K. Dexter-Haven: Sounds like pure soap opera.
Mike Connor: I may cry.
C. K. Dexter-Haven: Tune in tomorrow.

Liz Imbrie: Were you by any chance playing footsie with me at lunch?
Mike Connor: From where I sat?
Liz Imbrie: I didn't think your reach was that good. Seth Lord has a roving eye and foot.

Louis Armstrong: You could play football in this room.
C. K. Dexter-Haven: I know, but can you rehearse?
Louis Armstrong: Is that chandelier tied tight up there?
C. K. Dexter-Haven: If it gets to swinging a little put a mute in your horn.

Tracy Lord: Mother, don't you think Caroline is old enough to be sent to a good military school?

George Kittredge: I have a feeling you had more to do with this than anybody. You and your whole rotten class.
C. K. Dexter-Haven: Oh class my.
Mike Connor: Grandmother.

Tracy Lord: Isn't it a fine day. Is everybody fine? That's fine.

Mike Connor: I'm gonna dance.
C. K. Dexter-Haven: Don't get hurt.

Mike Connor: Didn't you once know a girl named Tracy Samantha Lord?
C. K. Dexter-Haven: Yes, I did.
Mike Connor: No, you didn't! If you did, you wouldn't have let her go.

Tracy Lord: Oh, I think men are wonderful.
Liz Imbrie: The little dears.

Caroline Lord: Dexter? This is Caroline.
C. K. Dexter-Haven: Hello, beautiful.
Caroline Lord: Any time now.

Caroline Lord: Dexter, are you ever going to get married again?
C. K. Dexter-Haven: Sure I am, I'm just waiting for you to grow up.
Caroline Lord: Oh Dexter, for you I'll hurry.
C. K. Dexter-Haven: You're gonna have to.

Caroline Lord: Mother, don't you think it's stinking of Tracy not to invite father to the wedding?
Mrs. Seth Lord: Yes, just between us, I think it's good and stinking.

Tracy Lord: Caroline Lord, if you put this picture in my wedding presents once more I am going to personally chain you to your bed.

Tracy Lord: Are you learning anything about the idle rich?
Mike Connor: Yeah, they drive too fast. Where are we headed anyway?
Tracy Lord: The graveyard.
Mike Connor: I'm not ready.
Tracy Lord: I thought I'd show you the playground of the rich, the graveyard of the wealthy.
Mike Connor: Well, for that I'm ready.

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