An American Werewolf in London

Corrected entry: How does Alex suddenly know that the werewolf cornered by the police was David? For all everyone else knew, it was just a giant, bloodthirsty mad dog. Not to mention, throughout the movie until that point, she didn't even believe in David's ramblings about being a werewolf.


Correction: That's kind of the point. She finally believes him and puts 2 and 2 together.

Corrected entry: When the two men are attacked on the moors they are obviously fully clothed with big puffa jackets on. You even see a shot of Jack lying on the ground dead, with blood everywhere and all over his jacket. In the next scene where David is lying injured next to Jack, he looks round and Jack is completely naked from the waist up. His clothes have just disappeared.


Correction: The man on the floor next to David is not Jack, but the now dead werewolf (who has returned to human form) Jack is still clothed and remains so throughout the rest of the film.

Mad Ade

Corrected entry: When David turns into a werewolf for the first time and starts killing people, his fangs and mouth are covered in blood. When he wakes up in the zoo, he doesn't have any blood on his lips or hands or any part of his body, and he certainly should have tasted blood in his mouth.


Correction: David has turned back to human form, so his body has gone through a major transformation. There is no reason for there to be any blood left on his teeth or a bad taste in his mouth just like there is no trace of him being a werewolf. After all he is left dazed and confused by the experience.

Corrected entry: When the man in the bowler hat arrives at the London Underground station he is subsequently attacked by the werewolf. The whole station is empty. This is 'Tottenham Court Road' station in the heart of London near Oxford St. and Soho. Hundreds of travellers pass the corridors of this station every minute virtually 24-7, yet the man in the bowler hat is the only person present.

Correction: And a big ol' werewolf won't have scared all those commuters into fleeing? Methinks they'd have run away.

Corrected entry: There is no explanation why David transferred to a hospital in London even though the attack took place in Yorkshire.

Correction: Granted there is no explanation in the movie but it's not a mistake. People get transferred between hospitals all the time. It's to be expected that a hospital in London has better facilities and as an American citizen (in a coma), the embassy may have requested that he be transferred to a location near them.


Correction: The people in East Proctor purposely moved David far away from their village after his attack because they knew he would become a werewolf. They just managed to kill off the first one and so didn't want another.

Jen Hen

Corrected entry: Nurse Alex Price is dozing in a chair. Dr. Hirsch wakes her up to tell her some disturbing news. When she looks up he says, "Sister Harmstead, there's a disturbance in Piccadilly Circus involving some sort of mad dog." (01:26:35)

Correction: He isn't saying Sister Harmstead. He said "Sister Hobbs said."

Corrected entry: When David first transforms into the werewolf in Alex's lounge room, we see him after the transformation roaring at the camera and we get a good look at the wolf's face. Yet for some reason when David turns into the wolf at the end, his face looks completely different and nothing like before. Guess the makeup guy couldn't decide.

Gavin Jackson

Correction: That's because the transformation wasn't done yet. Note that his fur hasn't completely grown in yet in the slow pan before the scene change. He just finished becoming the werewolf off camera.

Corrected entry: David is in the flat after Alex has gone to work and switches the TV on. He flicks through the channels, where the BBC1 test card is showing. Surely it being a Saturday, "Saturday Superstore" or "Swap Shop" would have been on. How do we know it's Saturday? On the third channel is an advert for the "News Of The World".

Correction: When this film was made, the BBC didn't broadcast 24h a day. David is awake too early for childrens TV to have started. Remember that Alex is a nurse and may start fairly early.


Also, her shift finished at 12 midnight, so she wouldn't have started until at least 12 midday.

The two little girls walking a dog wouldn't be out very early.

Corrected entry: How does David (as a werewolf) get out of the flat without doing any damage? Alex is home when he gets back in the morning and doesn't say anything along the lines of, "How did the door get ripped off its hinges?"

Correction: Earlier in the evening, David opens the door as he is feeling hot/restless. He never closes it, so presumably that scene was included to explain how he escapes the flat in wolf form. The real question should have been "why was a London flat not emptied by burglars when the door was left wide open all night?".

Corrected entry: The first time David sees Jack's corpse, it's over 2 weeks since the attack and Jack looks like a fresh kill. Over the next 2 days, however, Jack rots faster than meat in a Food Lion's butcher section display case.

Correction: We don't know how the supernatural mechanics of the undead work. It may be that he appears to David in the freshly killed form because this is the first time that David is fully awake. After that, time is running out, so he decomposes more.

Corrected entry: In the whole film David's relatives don't seem to bother to visit/contact him after this nasty ordeal of an attack in Yorkshire which left his friend dead. We know he has been there at least a month given the next full moon which triggers the events of the London Werewolf.

Correction: The relationship between David and his family is never established. He may be estranged and his call home near the end may be a last chance at mending the fences.

Corrected entry: In the scene where the doctor visits the slaughtered Lamb Pub it is raining. The doctor pulls his coat up over his head and dashes into the pub. After his drink he has an umbrella - did he steal it from someone in the pub?

Correction: You can see the doctor carrying the umbrella under his coat as he runs into the pub. You can also see him hang it on the wall when he gets inside.

Corrected entry: The doctor and nurse state to David that he's been unconscious for several weeks when he wakes up from his coma (after the attack by the werewolf in Yorkshire). He is in an ordinary bed, in an ordinary (hospital) room. How was he fed, how was he given fluids? There are no signs of intravenous fluids and/or nasogastric tubes (a small tube inserted via the nose all the way into the stomach to help feed (semi) comatose patients). He in fact just moves and acts as if he has been asleep for only one night.

Correction: These are all questions, not mistakes. Perhaps they removed the IV before he woke up. And remember, he's a werewolf. He has fast healing.

There's no proof that he has fast healing as he still has the scars from the werewolf attack. If he did have fast healing, they should have already been gone.

Corrected entry: The wolves used in the London Zoo scene were kept privately by Roger Palmer in the UK and appeared in several TV programmes and in adverts. Roger went on to found the UK Wolf Conservation Trust which keeps wolves to this day.

Rebecca Bennett

Correction: Copied word for word from IMDB.

Corrected entry: The location filming of the front of Alex's flat and surroundings was filmed on or around Lupus Street in Pimlico, London ('Lupus' is the Latin for 'wolf'.).

Rebecca Bennett

Correction: Copied word for word from IMDB.

Corrected entry: On the DVD re-issue, when David sees Jack outside the porn theater (chapter 17) the sign above Jack reads, "See You Next Wednesday" (a John Landis in joke). But the Spanish subtitle reads "See You Next THURSDAY". For any of you that know Spanish, Wednesday is MIERCOLES, not JUEVES. (01:21:37)

Correction: This is NOT a film mistake. It is a mistake made by a subtitler many years after the film was completed and released, and has nothing to do with the film itself - it is akin to mistakes on a film poster or DVD cover.

Corrected entry: In the scene where the doctor visits the Slaughtered Lamb Pub and orders a Guinness. He starts playing chess with Brian Glover and his glass is half full. When he next picks it up it is virtually full.

Correction: Copied and pasted from


Corrected entry: In the bar, Jack refers to the pentagram on the wall as a pen-ta-gon.

Correction: Character mistake - Jack mixes up the two words, or he is simply unfamiliar enough with geometry that he only remembers the word "pentagon" for a shape with five corners.


Correction: He is saying "Pentangle." Which is a pentagram.

Corrected entry: When David goes on his first rampage as a werewolf he attacks a man and his fiancee. When the werewolf is shown ripping the man open, you can see the dead man blink.

Correction: The man's eyes move because he is not dead. The werewolf has violently mauled him and is briefly shown tearing at his flesh. The man is in shock but still alive and eventually died, as a later scene reveals.

If he was still alive when he was attacked, he should have still been screaming even while in a state of shock. Plus, in the next scene, when the woman looks out of her window waiting for the couple to arrive, several seconds have passed and with the speed and ferocity of the attack, the guy was dead.

Continuity mistake: The level of liquid in the doctor's beer mug changes noticeably between shots; the mug fills itself up again just before he leaves the pub. (00:47:10)

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Jack: Your parents came to my funeral. I was surprised at how many people came.
David: Why should you be surprised? You were a very well liked person.
Jack: Yeah. I was, wasn't I?
David: Well, I liked you.
Jack: Debbie Kline cried a lot.
David: God, am I asleep now, awake or what?
Jack: So-So you know what she does? She's so grief stricken, she runs to find solace in Mark Lavine's bed.
David: Mark Lavine?
Jack: An asshole. Life mocks me even in death.

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Trivia: When the movie was first shown in theaters, the marquee read, "From the director of Animal House...A Different Kind of Animal." This lead many movie patrons to believe that it was another comedy film. People ran out of theaters in terror when they realised it was a horror movie.

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Question: When David is starting to turn into a werewolf, he sees his entire body starting to change. So why is it that when he is talking to Alex the next morning he can't remember it happening and the last thing he remembers is reading a book?

Answer: Traumatic events have a tendency to disrupt the memory - people who have been involved in a car accident, for example, often have no memory of the events leading up to the accident, even though they would obviously have perceived those events at the time. The physical and mental stresses of the werewolf transformation have clearly disrupted David's memories in a similar fashion.


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