Godzilla 2000

Godzilla destroys the alien ship and then the Godzilla clone by overloading it with energy when it tries to absorb Godzilla's energy in order to mimic Godzilla's appearance and powers. Godzilla approaches a building and Shinoda, Yuki, Io and everyone else except Katagiri start to leave. Katagiri is killed when he deliberately doesn't move before Godzilla wrecks part of the building. As Godzilla walks away, Yuki wonders why Godzilla has protected the city and its citizens once again. Shinoda replies that maybe because Godzilla is within everyone.

Racer X

Revealing mistake: When the Japanese tanks are firing upon Godzilla, one of the pyro effects catches the Godzilla suit on fire (at the arm). One can see the stunt man begin to frantically shake his arm upon this realization before the editing cuts to another shot.

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Yuki Ichinose: Don't you think this is a little too close?
Yuji Shinoda: I need to get as close as possible. If you don't like it, go home and watch it on TV.

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