The Da Vinci Code

Character mistake: During the meeting between Langdon, Sophie and Sir Teabing, Teabing refers to Scatoma as "the mind seeing what it wants to see." Scatoma refers to a partial loss of vision. He probably meant to use Pareidolia, which refers to seeing patterns that are not really there.


Character mistake: When Michael is interviewing Bishop Aringarosa on the plane, he addresses him as 'Eminence'. A cardinal is 'Your Eminence', a bishop is 'Your Grace'.


Character mistake: Langdon points out that the Templars were slaughtered on October 13th, 1307, and Sophie comments, "Friday the 13th", implying that this is when the fear of Friday the 13th originated. In reality, fear of Friday the 13th didn't really begin until early in the 20th century.


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Suggested correction: While many do believe that it's just a myth that the origins of Friday the 13th being considered unlucky are due to the Knights of Templar being arrested on a Friday the 13th, that's pretty much what the whole series is based on; origins of myths being real. Plus it should be noted that Friday the 13th being considered unlucky has been written about since the middle of the 19th century, so it did not begin in the early 20th century. However, the origins of the day being unlucky can be traced much further back. Chaucer wrote about Friday being unlucky in "The Canterbury Tales" (1387) and the myth of the number 13 being unlucky can be traced to much earlier origins (said to be unlucky because there were 13 at the Last Supper).


Continuity mistake: When Teabing rolls the Cryptex to Langdon near the end of the movie, in one shot we see that the Cryptex rolls to a stop about 6 inches from Langdon's knee, but when the shot changes to an overhead view we see the Cryptex is now suddenly at least 2 feet from Langdon. Then the shot changes again and its now more like a foot from him.


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Sophie Neveu: We are who we protect, I think. What we stand up for.

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Trivia: The bruise on Silas' temple is in the shape of a cross. The cut on Sophie's neck is in the shape of a chalice.

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Question: As Robert Langdon sinks to his knees on top of the Louvre at the very end of the film over Mary Magdalene's tomb, what is the music playing? It's very uplifting and would logically be the last track on the soundtrack, but on listening to a sample on iTunes, the style of the tracks seem completely different.


Chosen answer: The track is "Chevaliers de Sangreal" on the official soundtrack. It's the second to the last track (13).

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