Match Point

Nola becomes pregnant and won't terminate this child as she's already had. After some time, Nola tells Chris that if he doesn't tell Chloe that they are expecting a child, she will. One day, he tells Nola that he has just told Chloe that he is leaving and says to meet him at her flat after work. He takes a shotgun from the home of his father-in-law, and shoots Nola's elderly neighbor, Mrs. Eastby. He then tears her house apart, making it look like a robbery before helping himself to her various prescription pills and jewelery, to make it look like a burglary for drugs gone pear shaped. He then waits for Nora to come home, going through the motions of his current guilt of breaking the Sixth Commandment and mustering up the nerve to do it again, only for fellow upstairs neighbor, Ian shows up at her door to ask if she wants anything from the shops he's going to. Peering in to see if she's in panicking Jack hides beside the door wondering if he'll be noticed at all or how long he'll stay by the glass door pane looking in. Finally he gives up and leaves meeting Nola he heads out of the door enquiring on a CD player. As Nola gets out of the elevator, Chris calls to her, and as she turns, he shoots her. Chris then goes to meet his wife for an evening of theater. The next day, over breakfast, they read of Nola's death. Shortly thereafter, at the home of Chloe's parents, they announce that they are pregnant. Chris gets a call that the police want to question him. They know about the affair. Right before he goes to the station, he flings all of the elderly woman's jewels into the river. They all make it in, except for her wedding band, which ricochets and lands on the ground. The police know about the affair from Nola's diary, but do not suspect him. That night a troubled Jack is woken from his drunken stupor in front of the computer by his victims who show up Christmas carol style to remind him of the certain fact that not only has he done a double murder but he also has committed infanticide to boot. Despite disturbed by that and clearly visibly distressed by this spectral observations, he stands by his convictions though he states it be justifiable if he was nicked. Then, later on that same night, the lead detective has a dream, and wakes proclaiming that Chris Wilton murdered Nola and the old lady. When he gets to the office the next day, he details out exactly as it happens to his partner. The partner says that would be a plausible story, if they hadn't already solved the case. The night before, a robber was shot after burglarizing a house. In his pocket was the old lady's wedding band, engraved and everything. Case closed.


Continuity mistake: When Chris finds Nola in the Tate modern, her arm changes from bent to down between front and back shots.

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Nola Rice: You're going to do very well for yourself. Unless you blow it.
Chris Wilton: And how am I going to blow it?
Nola Rice: By making a pass at me.

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