Match Point

Continuity mistake: When Chris finds Nola in the Tate modern, her arm changes from bent to down between front and back shots.

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Continuity mistake: In the scene where Chris and Chloe are waiting at the bar of a restaurant for Tom and Nola to show up for dinner, Chloe orders a "champagne cocktail", which is duly served to her. When, a few minutes afterwards, Tom and Nola arrive, the drink is still before Chloe (who has already drank from it, but the champagne glass is still half full), then she gets up from the barstool and walks to the table. The camera angle changes to show her walking to the table, and her drink is no longer at the bar, the bartender is nowhere near to have taken her glass in the seconds that have gone by, and she does not have her champagne glass with her.

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