Superman Returns

Other mistake: The text of the German news is wrong. It is titled "Fensterputzer halten an ihrem Lebemfest" (Window cleaners hold on for their lives). It should be "Leben fest". Also "Newsdirek" is wrong, it should be "Newsdirekt" or better "News direkt."


Other mistake: In the credits, just before the listings for the transportation crews, "Post production" is misspelled as "Post Poduction".

Other mistake: In the scene where Kitty's car (a 1966 Ford Mustang) goes out of control, the horn sounds when she presses the center of the steering wheel. The horn buttons on those cars were at 3, 6 & 9 o'clock at the edges of the steering wheel. (00:57:40)

Other mistake: After Superman lands the plane he flies towards the door but casts no shadow, either on the ground or on the plane.

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