Superman Returns

After 5 years absence, Superman (Brandon Routh) returns to Earth from his home planet Krypton, which was supposedly destroyed. Back on Earth, he learns that his old love Lois Lane (Kate Bosworth) is engaged, has a son whose parentage is a bit uncertain and has won a Pulitzer for an article about why the world doesn't need Superman. He also learns that his old enemy Lex Luthor (Kevin Spacey) has escaped from prison and is hatching a new, dangerous plan involving crystals stolen from Superman's arctic hideout and a few shards of Kryptonite. It's a race to the finish as Superman tries to convince Lois that not only does the world need him, but she needs him as well, and at the same time destroy Luthor's plans before they destroy Superman's life and the lives of countless others.

Robert Davis

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Lex Luthor: C'mon, let me hear you say it. Just once. C'mon.
Lois Lane: You're insane.
Lex Luthor: No! Not that! The other thing. C'mon.
Lois Lane: Superman will never-
Lex Luthor: WRONG!



When Lois pulls up to the house where the blackout was traced to, she hears some music coming from the boat down at the dock. As the camera pans upwards over the car, as she steps out, the whole camera and a crew member are reflected in the side of the car.



Gertrude Vanderworth (the dying elderly woman at the start of the movie) is played by Noel Neill, who also played Lois Lane in the original T.V. series.