Revealing mistake: Before Paxton is hit with the 3 prong instrument, you can see the bloody holes already on his shirt. (01:01:20)


Revealing mistake: Right after Kana opts for suicide by train, watch the security guard who starts running second from the left. He is having a hard time keeping a straight face and is obviously trying to hold off his laughter. (01:25:30)

Daniel Garner

Revealing mistake: When the lead character has his fingers cut off, you can tell the hand is just a prop, as it is completely motionless during the shot.

Revealing mistake: When the Dutch Businessman has his fingers cut off by the lead character, you can tell the hand is a prop, as the skin tone does not match his hand in previous shots, and it moves unrealistically.

Revealing mistake: Very obvious that Kana has a rubber prop and eye attached to her face. Especially when Paxton is getting ready to cut her eye off. (01:18:15)


Revealing mistake: When the kids throw rocks at the bad guys, there is blood on his head before he is hit.


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