Paxton is tortued by a German man who seems very nervous and reluctant. After several minutes of waffling, the German charges at Paxton with a chainsaw. He cuts through Paxton's hand, but accidentally cuts through the cuff as well. He charges at Paxton again, but this time slips on Paxton's severed fingers and drops the chainsaw on his leg, cutting it clean off. Paxton manages to grab a gun off the table and kill the German. Paxton eventually escapes only to meet an American businessman who is about to torture someone. Paxton makes it to a car outside, but he hears the Japanese girl's screams inside. He returns, only to find the American burning her eye. Paxton kills him, and finds the Japanese girl's eye dangling out of it's socket. He cuts it off. They escape, and along the way find the Natalya, Svetlana, and Alexi talking in the middle of the road. Paxton runs them all over. The two make it to a train station only to find it swarming with cops. The Japanese girl, disfigured, creates a distraction for Paxton by jumping in front of an oncoming train. Paxton jumps on a train only to find the Dutch businessman talking to more backpackers. Paxton follows him into the can at their next stop, and cuts off his fingers. He then shoves his head into the toilet and slits his throat.

Harmin Clair

Plot hole: There's no way Paxton could have took the bodies off the cart, laid them down, and stacked them back on top of him in the 3 seconds it took for the guy to open the door. (01:07:15)

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Paxton: You made a reservation under "The King of Swing"?
Oli: Of course my horse.

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Trivia: While Josh is being tortured by the guy with the shaky hands (right when he's slicing the back of Josh's ankles), he is screaming and wiggling in the chair. As he was doing this, the leg of the chair really crushed one of Derek Richardson's (Josh) toes. Despite the pain, he continued to act out the scene without telling anybody because he thought it would be more realistic.

dan coakley..

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Question: I was wondering what does the German surgeon say to Paxton before Paxton talks?

Answer: I'll have to re-watch to catch the bad-guy's words, but Paxton keeps saying, please don't take my life, I haven't done anything.

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