Funeral Home

Funeral Home (1980)

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When Maude Chalmers learns of Harry Browning and Florie are not married...she orders them to leave,staating their behavior is immoral when both make it clear they are going nowhere and tell her to go and get stuffed both come to a watery end (that same evening) when their car is shoved off a cliff into local flooded quarry by someone in Maude's truck which comes silently comes up from behind the unsuspecting pair. Next, guest Mr. Davis returning from a boat trip the following night is beaten around the head with shovel and/or pickaxed to be then buried along with his late wife's necklace (which had her initials "H D." for Helen Davis...her full name), the exact same necklace found by Rick & Heather in a Cadillac hearse...belonging to James Chalmers, Maude's missing husband (looking like it had been in a wreck). Next morning back at a certain quarry, Heather and her friends find the sunken Harry & Florie, still in their car. Rick's cop brother Officer Joe Yates inspects the vehicle and takes note of the fact that there is no luggage...which would be unusual if they had checked out of the tourist home. Heather discovers from Rick & Joe that her grandfather was a closet alcoholic so abusive to her grandmother that Maude wound up in a nut house only for James to then run off with Heather Davis (while his wife was still inside). During this former caretaker for Mr. Chalmers, the mentally challenged Billy Hibbs who now does odds and ends for Maude violent meets the grim reaper when he is repeatedly stabbed in back with embalming needle. When Heather and Rick discover his corpse, our murderous prowler goes after them. Rick is knocked to the ground, whereby Heather discovers a horrible secret: her grandmother's dual personality. She has been keeping her deceased husband alive by speaking in his voice. Maude attacks Heather with an axe and as the girl tries to escape, she comes upon the skeleton of James Chalmers among a beautiful flower arrangement. Just then, the police arrive and politely take Maude away...obviously she found her hubby and his lover and did away with them both...but she couldn't handle it and mentally snapped thus developing a split personality.


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