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Steve: Don't fuck with the Jews.

Ephraim: You think we'd hurt your family?
Avner: I think anyone is capable of anything.
Ephraim: I think you're losing your mind.
Avner: Did I commit murder? I want you to give me proof that everyone we killed had a hand in Munich.
Ephraim: I don't discuss such things with people who don't exist. You want to discuss, come back into existence. You want your daughter to grow up in exile?
Avner: I want evidence.

Papa: You could have been my son, but you're not. Remember that. We'll do business, but you're not family.

Robert: We are supposed to be righteous. That's a beautiful thing. And we're losing it. If I lose that, that's everything. That's my soul.

Golda Meir: Forget peace for now. We have to show them we're strong.

Papa: The race is not for the swift, nor the battle for the strong, But time and chance happens to them all. Fate's hand falls suddenly, who can say when it falls?

Ephraim: We kill for our future. We kill for peace.

Steve: Look at the waistline bulge on that guy. Look at that. Think he might be armed, eh?

Carl: It's strange, isn't it, to think of oneself as an assassin?
Avner: Think of yourself as something else then.

Golda Meir: I am hearing today with new ears.

Steve: The only blood that matters to me is Jewish blood.

Ephraim: We deposit money from a fund that doesn't exist into a box we don't know about in a bank we've never set foot in. We can't help you because we never heard of you before.

Papa: We inhabit a world of intersecting secrecies, living and dying at the places where these secrecies meet. This is what we accept. Hmmm?

Ephraim: That's touching, in a juvenile sort of way.

Golda Meir: Your wife is pregnant?
Avner: Yes, seven months.
Golda Meir: Mazel tov. You were one of my favorite bodyguards. You know, I like neat, durable men.
Avner: You like having the son of a hero around?
Golda Meir: Truth be told, you don't look much like your father.
Avner: No?
Golda Meir: Your mother is who you resemble.

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