Madman (1982)

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It really is none other than Madman Marz back from the dead seeking vengence from beyond his grave on the one who not only insulted him but had the bloody cheek to vandalize his final resting place as it's no wonder he's so pissed off. Sadly he doesn't know which one of the group is resposible so he throat slashes camp cook Dippy followed by taking his rage out on the search party out looking for Richie (who's fool hardy curiosity meant that he gave chase after Marz) who suddenly goes missing. TP is the first to run into Marz who strings him up snapping his neck in the process (TP stubbonly defys death momentarily by clinging onto a branch and begins dragging himself upwards...until miffed Marz gets a hold of his legs and pulls him down). Next comes Dave & Stacy who both loses their heads (Dave prior to his neck meeting the sharp end of an axe collides headlong into the still suspended TP who then drops down onto him whilst Stacy is left without her head by looking under a car hood only for Marz to jump with his full force on the hood slamming it sharply down onto her neck seperating her bounce from her torso)later on Bill & Ellie come across the previous pairs severed heads before bumping into still livid Marz. Wisely fleeing by car, their escape is spoiled by Marz making them hit a tree due to him dragging Bill out of the driving seat and snap spineing him. Ellie scarpers but her choice of hiding place (a fridge no less) means she soon is met with an axe which is burried into her chest before she is more or less finished off by being stuck in front of a window to be shotgun blasted thanks to a trigger happy Betsy. Betsy shooting disturbs our camp occupants particularly the kids who are sensible lead onto their school bus by Max only to be joined by Marz who is not keen on getting left behind so decides to come with them by unsuccsessfully barging onboard only for Betsy to fend him off and force him out of the bus (he briefly clings onto the side by sticking his arm back through the door). She lures Marz away back to his home(perhaps hoping to lose him long enough to find any survivors in the process) but now seriously f***ed off Marz catches her and vents his fury out on her by ripping a chunk out of her face before dragging her still living down a cellar staircase and onto a meathook despite the fatal point she's in dying Betsy has the last laugh by kicking over a candle and setting the place alight leaving Marz blazing mad. Ironically the guilty culprit Richie whose to blame for mocking Marz and desecreting his gravesite (thereby sparking off his ressurection and bloody rampage)is not only missed by Marz but is discovered by Max and rescued all he can say is "MADMAN MARZ IS REAL" (oh and the kids manage to flee since the eldest gets behind the wheel and drives them all to the police station)

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