Madman (1982)

Plot summary

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North Sea Cottages, a special retreat for gifted children, sitting round the campfire swapping spooky stories until camp proprietor Max tells them one tale of terror with a diffrence. This particular local legend concerns backwoods farmer Marz who at night swapped blows with his wife and kids during which part of his nose was bite off. One night in a crazed drunken frenzy he used an axe on his family like he would on a pile of logs, before storming off to the local drinking den. A local lynch mob soon strung him up before burring his own axe into his skull. But come the dawn and the hanging Marz has vanished from the tree branch along with his family's mortal remains. Max warns that if you say his name above a whisper, 'Madman' Marz will rise from his grave and seek you out for a little payback. Sadly one teenage counselor, Richie decides to mock Marz and in doing so bloody history repeats itself.
But it cannot be Marz who's come back to life...can it.


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