World's Fastest Indian

Corrected entry: After the beach race, Burt says to Fran that he needs $700 more to get to the USA. New Zealand used pounds until they converted to dollars on 10 July 1967, which is five years after the film is set.

Correction: He needed $700 US dollars in order to get to the States. Then as now, international flights are often ticketed in the currency of the airline's origin, so if he's on an American airline, he'd likely need US dollars, or the equivalent thereof. Even if not on a US Airline, funds are often in the currency of the destination country. I've flown from Canada to Russia, and the fare was quoted in US dollars, not Canadian. Also, he will need spending money and such in the States, and the $700 could very well be included in his budget, since the States would not likely accept pounds.

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