King Kong

Plot hole: In the scene where Ann is laying/sleeping with Kong on the cliff, her dress should not only be beyond filthy, but it should be tattered and shredded. It doesn't so much as have a thread out of place after being carried so violently through the jungle and being caught between Kong and the dinosaur. Also, she at this point has been in Kong's possession for several hours to a day or so, and not once has she even shown any signs of hunger, thirst, or the need to relieve herself.

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Carl Denham: There are thousands of actresses out of work in this city. Somewhere out there is a woman born to play this role... A woman who will journey into the heart of the unknown... Toward a fateful meeting that changes everything.



When Ann meets Kong on NYC street, the camera flashes back and forth between them. When it shows Kong, he is surrounded by snow, but when it shows Ann, the street doesn't have so much as a snowflake.



In the escape from the dinosaurs, one of the ship's crewmen lets out a Wilhelm scream when he is knocked off a ledge.