King Kong

A movie producer named Carl Denham needs to make a good movie for once. He plans on going on an island with a ship, a crew, and Writer, Jack Driscoll. He needs to find a lady for the film. That's when he finds Ann Darrow. As they are sailing, they find out that Carl is taking them to skull island, a lost island in the pacific. When they disembark onto the beach, they are already confronted by the native islanders, dinosaurs, giant insects, and a gigantic ape called, "King Kong." They need to survive and get back to the ship. Kong falls in love with Ann when the natives offer her as a sacrifice to him. Their relationship builds and Ann starts to like Kong back. Kong is put to sleep and captured and brought to New York. He is shown on nights on broadway and the crew becomes wealthy including Carl.

Continuity mistake: When Ann meets Kong on NYC street, the camera flashes back and forth between them. When it shows Kong, he is surrounded by snow, but when it shows Ann, the street doesn't have so much as a snowflake.

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Jack Driscoll: Actors. They travel the world and all they see is a mirror.

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Trivia: The scene where the men who fall into the ravine are attacked by giant insects is an homage to the original 1933 King Kong, where a similar scene was omitted due to its (at that time) gross-out factor.

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Question: If the wall around Skull island was built to keep Kong and presumably other creatures such as the dinosaurs in, why was the gate made large enough for them to get through?

Mad Ade

Chosen answer: The original creator of King Kong, Merin C. Cooper, wrote a novel adaption of the movie in which it was explained that the gates were built by a earlier culture of islanders that were friends with the "Kong" race. The "Kongs" helped the original islanders to build their village and the wall (thus meaning the gate had to be big enough for the giant gorillas to walk through). By the time of the events of the movie, the original islanders have "died out" and their old village had been taken over by a race of more primitive natives who became enemies with the Kongs, and were trying to use the gates for safety.

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