Danny finds an older board game called Zathura under the basement steps, so he brings it up stairs to the front room and startes playing it on the floor. He asks his older brother Walter to play, but Walter doesn't want to play at first, until things start happening! So, everytime Danny makes a "move" on the game boared, he gets a game card, and whatever the game card states, it happens! The first thing that happens, is Danny gets a game card that states-"meteor shower". So, a meteor shower! As Danny and Walter start playing, their older sister Lisa gets frozen upstairs in the bathroom! Eventually they meet up with an astronaut, who later they find out is Danny's older brother Walter, whom he is playing the game with! Later on, their older sister Lisa, gets unfrozen and falls for the astronaut, until they all find out that it's their older brother Walter, because Walter gets a second wish and wishes the astronaut's younger brother back, hence Danny! Eventually they all get sucked into a black hole and everything goes back to the moment that they started playing the game.

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