Zathura (2005)

Ending / spoiler

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Walter gets a second star wish and wishes that the astronaut had his brother back. In a flash of gleaming light a second Danny appears. The astronut hugs the second Danny, then says "I came back for you." Danny 1 touches Danny 2 and Danny 2 gets sucked into him. The astronaut transforms into Walter when he touches Walter and then gets sucked into him also. The stranded astronaut was the future Walter. Danny wins the game and suddenly everyone gets sucked into Zathura, which is actually a black hole. Suddenly Danny is back home in front of the board game, about to press the "go" button. Walter and Danny appear to have settled their sibling rivalry. As they are walking towards their mother's car, Lisa tells them to never speak of it again and the red bycicle falls from the sky.....

Hazax of rodmore

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