Hellraiser: Bloodline

Continuity mistake: As Angelique says to Pinhead "Things seem to have changed" she is standing in front of him. Then as Pinhead responds "Hell is more ordered." she is now standing closer and to his side.

Revealing mistake: When Le Merchant is offended by his wife's comments and puts the Lament Box into the travel chest, a section of the gold veneer on it has bent upwards.

Factual error: A vinyl knife is present among other tools of torture during the 1700's sequence, but vinyl flooring did not come into the commercial market until the mid twentieth century.

Continuity mistake: As Bobbi sends the Chatter Beast back to Hell, she holds up the puzzle box and shouts "Does this pathway work both ways.?". As she says this, the shot zooms in and then back out and as it does the puzzle box changes position in her hand. In the wide shot, she is holding it with the large gold dial pointed at the Chatter Beast, but in the close up shot, it is a small brown circle pointed at the Chatter Beast.

Continuity mistake: In a drawing room, as a secretary tells Merchant a lady is there to see him, there is a man in a gray suit working behind Merchant at a desk. In between shots, as Merchant is turning his head, the man goes from being at the desk to walking off screen to the left.

Continuity mistake: After the chain goes through Merchant's throat, in the shot where the blades open up, the wires used to open the blades are visible. Just before the chain is pulled back there is another shot of the blades and the wires are gone.

Continuity mistake: The blades on the chain open up and then get pulled through Merchant's neck causing him to be beheaded. As he gets beheaded his hands were grasping the chain so when the chain gets pulled through, his hands should be sliced in half at about mid-palm to sever the fingers. As his body falls the finger half stays firmly attached to the rest of the hand as if there was no cut.

Continuity mistake: In the scene where the cube throws the chains out at one man, and the big door opens, look at the cube in the farther-out opening door shot and you will see that there are suddenly no chains coming from it.

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