Wolf Creek

Based on actual events, this is the story of Liz and Kristy, British backpackers who team up for a car trip with Australian, Ben Mitchell. After road tripping through North Western Australian they drive to Wolf Creek, one of the world's largest comet landing sites. After spending the day in Wolf Creek National Park, where Liz and Ben have a moment, they discover at dusk that their car isn't working. Ben can't fix the car and they decide to spend the night in the car. Later that night Liz spots a truck travelling toward them, driven by Mick Taylor, an affable Australian bloke who kindly offers to tow their car and replace the faulty part at his house, an abandoned mine site. After hours of travelling towed to Mick's car they arrive at his dark mine site. They talk around a fire drinking Mick's water while he fixes the car. Suddenly they fall asleep.

Amos Taylor

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