Wolf Creek

Wolf Creek (2005)

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Corrected entry: After Liz cuts the ties off of her wrists and ankles she opens the window to crawl out. It is daytime when she does this, but when the shot changes to show the outside of the trailer, it is now night.

Correction: It is not day light outside when she cuts the ties, the light is from the flood lights Mick has on his property.

Corrected entry: Went they first get to the crater the car is facing it, but when the hunter finds them the car is suddenly turned around before he gets there.

Correction: When they pop the hood it is facing the crater and it is still facing that way when the hunter finds them.

Corrected entry: When they get to Wolf Creek it starts raining and the characters say that's its because its the start of the "wet season". It was only earlier in the day when they were saying how cold it will get at night. Well. anyone who's been there in the "wet season" will know it has 100% humidity, even at night, and in fact in this situation you have the opposite of cold to the point you wouldn't even need a fire to keep warm.

Correction: I've been there in the wet seasons, and it gets very cold. I used to live there and I wouldn't want to spend a night out there without a jacket or a car.

Corrected entry: The sunrise shown on the sea at the beginning of the film couldn't happen as this beach is on the West coast of Australia.

Correction: The start is located at Broome. Broome is located on a piece of land that is almost like a bay or gulf. The land is on the left and the beach on the right. The sun would rise over the water. This can be proven on a map of Australia.

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