Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Corrected entry: There's no reason Verruca's dad or any of the other characters for that matter couldn't have climbed over the gate to save Verruca from the squirrels without resorting to the keychain.

Correction: Had Veruca's dad or any other part of the group tried to save her, the squirrels would most likely have attacked and knocked them into the garbage chute as well. Also note, that each time something happens to the other kids, Willy doesn't do anything as he sees them as being rightly punished.

Corrected entry: After all five kids find the golden tickets it's revealed they have to be at the factory on a specific date and time according to the ticket. So what would Wonka have done if all the tickets had not been found by that date? Keep in mind it is also revealed that the "Russian" ticket was a fake which was discovered just before Charlie found the actual remaining ticket. If he had not found that ticket or it was revealed that the Russian ticket was a fake after the specific date had come and passed there would have been only 4 ticket winners to arrive at the factory, so what would have Wonka done then?

Correction: This is a question and not a plot hole. The same scenario is present in the book and original movie. Wonka could have simply proceeded with the tour with the 4 children or pushed the date back. Although the fact that very specific kids, including Charlie, found the tickets means there was more at play than sheer luck and so Wonka knew all 5 real tickets would be found in time.


Corrected entry: In the end where it zooms out and shows the Oompa Loompa narrator, you can see the machines used to shake the snow on the house.

Correction: That is exactly the point. It's part of the factory and it's not snow, it's powdered sugar.

Brad Premium member

Corrected entry: During the Mike Teavee scene, the drummer is not even touching the hi-hat Mike is hanging onto, thus he should not have been launched up in the air.


Correction: You can see the drummer hit both hi-hats right after the shot changes to Mike hanging on one. After he's in the air the drummer isn't hitting them anymore.


Corrected entry: In the scene where Willie is closing the factory, from behind, you see the microphone amplifying his voice as he makes his announcement. After he says "I'm sorry", he turns to his right to leave, the microphone and the mic stand are gone. He didn't take it with him.

Movie Nut

Correction: Nothing in the scene shows he didn't take it with him. He could have easily had the microphone in his hand, which is off screen when he turns around.


Corrected entry: The entrance door to the Inventing Room doubles in size when Blueberry Violet is squeezed through so she will fit.

Brad Premium member

Correction: No it doesn't. It was always a giant round door when they first walked in.


Corrected entry: The mechanism that shoots the Gobstoppers into the pool is not connected to the pool. It's almost as if the mechanism is just floating there.

Brad Premium member

Correction: In subsequent shots, you can see that the mechanism is connected to the black ceiling of the Inventing Room.


Corrected entry: When Violet begins to inflate into a blueberry, there are two Oompa-Loompaas behind her. In the next shot, they are gone.

Brad Premium member

Correction: Actually they are backing up. They begin to slowly back away into the darkness where you cannot see them.

Corrected entry: When the magic gum is pressed out from the machine, it's orange but when Violet takes it, it's blueish.


Correction: The gum is two colors - an yellowish-orange and a dark bluish-orange.


Corrected entry: The FPS game Mike plays would set the movie no earlier than the mid 1990's, yet in the retrospection scene which is said to take place twenty years earlier, everything from cars to clothes is not younger than from 1950's, which would be about 40 years earlier.

Correction: I don't believe this is actually an error, as this isn't really a movie set in the 'real world', but more of a parody of the world. As discussed in the 'making of' on the DVD, they explained that they didn't really want the place or time to be anything specifically set. Therefore there are more modern things (like the FPS game), and the older things like the 1950s stuff. It's the same reason that the money they use in the movie has been designed to look different - so that you can't identify where it's supposed to be. They never actually specify if Wonka's factory is in England or America.


Corrected entry: When they show close-ups of Willy Wonka's face as an adult, you can see that he has bright blue eyes. But, when they show him as a child, he has dark, brown eyes.

Correction: Willy is wearing colored contacts. [Johnny Depp's eyes are brown in real-life, too]. It would not be out of place for the eccentric Willy Wonka to do things to alter his appearance just to be "different. Willy also colored his hair burgundy [or is wearing a wig], which is obviously different from the dark brown/black hair the juvenille Willy has.

Corrected entry: Violet's clothes wouldn't be affected by the gum, but her clothes expand and turn blue.

Correction: Her sweatsuit is made of a stretch jersey, and probably has spandex in it, so it would expand around a bloating body. It also turns blue because her body is secreting blueberry juice. You can see this is happening during the transformation scene as stains appear on her clothing in spots and spread out as if it is soaking up liquid. Along with this, when Violet runs her hand across her stomach stains appear where she touches.

Corrected entry: When Wilbur Wonka throws the Halloween candy in the fire, some of the candies have the skeleton from "A Nightmare Before Christmas," another Tim Burton film.

Correction: I re-watched the scene, and cannot see Jack Skellington anywhere. There are come candies that have a white skull on them, but they are just generic skeletons. There's also some orange lollipops with a white face on them that looks similar to Jack's face, but, again, it's just a generic Jack-O-Lantern face.

Corrected entry: When Charlie's grandfather gives him money so he can buy another Wonka bar, the coin changes position in his hand between shots as the camera cuts from Charlie's POV to his grandfather's. The "heads" side faces Charlie first, but then it's facing his grandfather when the camera switches. Unless it's a two-headed (and therefore fake) coin, that's impossible.

Correction: It looks like the head on the coin moves from being straight up to being sideways, but the shot is always from Charlie's angle, not Grandpa Joe's so there is no way to tell if it is a two headed coin or not.

Corrected entry: Veruca's lollipop disappears when she gets into the boat.

Brad Premium member

Correction: She had the lollipop when she first got on the boat, she could have dropped it when the boat sped up and was getting bumpy.

Corrected entry: Despite what is stated in the film, chocolate is not made from the cocoa bean. It is actually made from the cacao bean.

Brad Premium member

Correction: "Cacao bean" may be the scientific term, but "cocoa bean" is an accepted synonym.

JC Fernandez

Corrected entry: When Mike, Mr. Teavee, Charlie, Grandpa Joe and Willy Wonka first enter the Great Glass Elevator, there are buttons on all sides except the door. However, almost every time we see the Great Glass Elevator from then onwards, there are buttons only on the back wall.

Correction: There are only buttons on the back wall. It looks that there are numerous buttons because of reflections.

Brad Premium member

Corrected entry: In the beginning sequence of the movie, while the camera is flying over the conveyor belt it shows a bunch of fans that are used to cool the chocolate enough to be picked up without falling apart. The fans that are used to do this are upside down. The air flow created from such a fan would blow up, not down, thus not blowing any air on the chocolate. This is apparent when the camera angle is parallel to the blades.

Correction: The inverted fans are not used to "cool down" the chocolate, but rather they are "pulling" the warm air AWAY from the chocolate bars. If you place several powerful fans facing the chocolate, it would be blowing hard enough to cause the not-yet-solid chocolate bars to all be misshaped.


Corrected entry: At the chocolate castle, when it begins to melt on the Prince, there is a purple umbrella next his chair, when the shot changes the umbrella is gone.

Correction: I seen the movie a million times and there is no umbrella.

Corrected entry: In the scene when they are in the elevator they are falling onto the sides of it, yet no more buttons are being pushed in doing so.


Correction: This is because they only fall against the sides, and the sides have no buttons, which reveals an alternate mistake, because when we first saw the elevator there WERE buttons on the sides, but from then onwards (inculding when the passengers slam up against the walls) the buttons have disappeared from the sides, therefore making it impossible for them to press any.

Corrected entry: When Charlie went up to his room, and was snowing heavily, no snowflakes were coming through the open roof.

Correction: When Charlie is in his room, and he calls down goodnight and you can see that the open roof has a clear plastic covering.

Corrected entry: The movie is set in Britain, but the people in the candy store offer Charlie "dollars" instead of "pounds."

Sarah Van Winkle

Correction: While Charlie and his family are English, it's never stated what country the film's set in - it's deliberately vaguely multicultural.


Corrected entry: Throughout the movie the size of the Oompa Loompa's varies in scenes, between shots where there are full sized characters, and in shots with no full sized characters.

Correction: Maybe Oompa Loompa's are like humans, you get shorter people and taller people so this would explain the size difference.Or maybe the taller Oopma Loompa's are adults while the shorter ones are children.

Corrected entry: Even though Charlie is in England, he picks up a 10 *dollar* bill.

Correction: Not a mistake. London has been an international hub since the beginning of travel across the English channel, the finding of another type of currency there is common place. Besides, I've picked up a Euro bill in Switzerland as well and we don't have the Euro as currency.

Ronnie Bischof

Corrected entry: In the shop, the shopkeeper was getting chocolate for Charlie and he is quite far away from the counter, but still has his arm out. Unless his arm is extremely long or he is just holding it out in mid air, that's just impossible.

Correction: This may just be the camera's depth perspective problem. He is plenty close to the chocolate display to reach the bar to hand to Charlie.

Corrected entry: In the wide shot of Charlie shining shoes, Willy is waiting his turn and there is no glass elevator in sight. After talking to Charlie, Willy gets up and walks only a few feet to the elevator now parked in the street.

Correction: The point of the glass elevator is to be nearly invisible, and secondly, having shown the elevator would've completely destroyed one of their physical jokes.

Corrected entry: Willy is the only one that can verify the goldentickets, but we never see the Russian ticket rejected or the good tickets even looked at by him.

Correction: The are many ways by which fraud can be detected. The movie never said, nor implied that Willy Wonka was the one who determined the ticket to be forged.

Corrected entry: At times it is obvious that the ship on the chocolate river is a model, given the rigidity of the people sitting on it (although computer sfx allows them to move) and given the droplets of the actual 'chocolate' water, which are too big.

Correction: The large drops of "chocolate" water on the sides are computer generated, and as chocolate is thicker than water, this makes sense. Also, none of the Oompa-Loompas appear "over-rigid" at any time.

Corrected entry: In the chocolate room, Willy Wonka exclaims that Oompah Loomphas are human / real people. He also states (when Augustus Gloop is eating chocolate,) that his chocolate isn't to be touched by human / real peoples' hand. So this means that the Oompah Loomphas are contaminating the chocolate by jumping in during their song. And by the look of the costumes they have for it, they do it often.

00:43:00 - 00:48:45

Correction: Real people doesn't necessarily mean "human" as we understand it. He says human hands, nothing about Oompa-Loompas touching it, so this mistake is invalid.

Corrected entry: At the beginning of the movie several trucks park on the dry driveway of the chocolate factory to collect the Wonka Bars. It then snows. But when the trucks pull away, there is snow underneath where they were parked.

Correction: The snow was quite heavy before the shots in the factory, to see the process of the chocolate being made, and we don't see the trucks before those shots in the factory, so it is likely the trucks had just arrived when the ground is already covered.

Corrected entry: Even though the Oompah Loompahs wore special swimwear, liquid chocolate from the river should have stuck to their faces and hands like it did with Augustus Gloop during the same scene.

Correction: Okay, liquid chocolate sticks to human skin. How do you know it sticks to Oompah Loompah skin?

Corrected entry: In the scene when they walk into the television room there are only three pairs of glasses but later all five of them have glasses on.

Correction: There are actually six pairs of glasses. Three on each side of the door.

scaryterri Premium member

Corrected entry: Just after Violet Beauregarde has been rolled away by the Oompa Loompas, Willy Wonka appears next to Mrs. Beauregarde and tells her how they've tried it on several Oompa Loompas, they all ended up as blueberries and that it's "really weird." When he finishes speaking he is smiling, and the camera immediately cuts to a shot of Wonka and Mrs. Beauregard from another angle, and he's not smiling anymore, with no time to change between shots.

Correction: This is not a mistake, Johnny Depp's split second change from "creepy smile" to "repulsed stare" is part of his technique for this role.

Corrected entry: During the course of the film nobody's breath is EVER seen when exhaling, though it is wintertime, and clearly very cold. Though this is occasionally possible, this occurs for the duration of the film.

Correction: Although at times you can't see people's breath, sometimes you can; look closely.

Corrected entry: The snow on the tires of the delivery vans sticks too well (you can see it rotate on the side of the tires) - a dead giveaway of sprayed on artificial snow.

Correction: I have watched this scene and I have seen tires on trucks and cars look like that during heavy snow. The rubber on the tires makes real snow stick just like in the movie.

Corrected entry: After Willy Wonka cuts the big flying insect in half, he immediately looks at his machete. The goo is streaked from end to end, but the streaks should have been perpendicular to the blade due to the swinging action.

Correction: The knife that Willy uses to slice the insect in half is stained and old. It appears the goo is positioned wrong on the blade, but that is a stain on the knife. Also, the scene is too dark to see exactly how the goo is on the knife.

Corrected entry: When Charlie first starts to unwrap his birthday chocolate bar, creases can be seen on the foil inner wrapper. As he continues to unwrap it, a small dot suddenly appears on the foil and the creases disappear.

Correction: I have watched this scene over and over again. The foil wrapper remains consistent over the course of the scene. The creases are there because of the design of the chocolate. No small dot appears on the wrapper at any time during the scene.

Corrected entry: When Charlie is standing outside the chocolate factory, two men walk by and one of them asks the other if they've heard about a kid in Russia finding the last golden ticket to which the man replies, "Yes. It was in the paper this morning." Shortly after, when Charlie goes into the candy store after finding the money, a woman is reading the newspaper about the last golden ticket being faked.

Correction: Some papers have more than one edition per day (the London Evening Standard, for example, has four every weekday) - it's entirely plausible that the men were referring to an earlier edition, whereas the woman in the shop has a later edition published after the news broke that the ticket was faked.

Tailkinker Premium member

Corrected entry: During the Oompa Loompa song about Agustus Gloop, when one of them says, "He'll be altered quite a bit," his mouth doesn't match what he's saying.

Correction: I watched this scene several times and played it in slow motion. His lips match the song perfectly.

Corrected entry: When the Inventing Room is first seen in the candy boat, the chocolate river is above the part of the door that opens, but as the guests go into the room, the frame is high and dry; the guests don't even leave wet footprints.

Correction: I have watched this scene several times, and the outside of the door by the river has a purple light inside the door, and appears silver. When they walk into the inventing room, the outside of the door is white. There could be a small tunnel between the outside silver door and inside white door. The outside silver door may be designed differently to open higher than the level of the river, which would also explain no wet footprints.

Corrected entry: During the scene in the chocolate room, Mike Teavee smashes something with his foot, which makes his sneakers dirty. But in the scene in the TV room his sneakers are clean again.

Correction: He could have wiped them off on the ground.

Corrected entry: The huge hole in the center of the squirrel room is there for throwing all the garbage in, but not a single nut shell is seen being thrown. I suppose a room full of flying nut shells would be too much of a distraction from the cuteness of this scene.

Correction: Speculative assumptions are not movie mistakes.

William Bergquist

Corrected entry: The huge hole in the center of the squirrel room is there for throwing all the garbage in, but not a single nut shell is seen being thrown. I suppose a room full of flying nut shells would be too much of a distraction from the cuteness of this scene.

Correction: Already noted mistake.

Corrected entry: In every scene of the elevator when it's going down, no one is thrown against the top wall of the elevator. At the speed they were going, they would have been thrown to the top of the elevator.

Correction: Considering the amazing technology Willy Wonka has invented it's not unreasonable to assume he's also invented a way of keeping them standing on the floor of the elevator even when going downward.

Corrected entry: When the Atlanta news van is outside Violet's house, the call letters of the TV station begin with the letter K. Atlanta's stations (and all stations east of the Mississippi River) start with the letter W.


Correction: True, in general. But: 1) The rule about W/K assignments for radio and TV stations was abandoned for a little while in 1923, when every new station was given a KD call, including KDKA in Pittsburgh (which is still operating). 2) In addition to this, KYW-TV in Philadelphia is another station east of Mississippi that has a K callsign. 3) Seeing how big a media attraction a Golden Ticket winner is, it is not unlikely that reporters and TV crews would travel a bit to get live footage of one of them.


Corrected entry: In the scene when Willy is with the chief Oompa Loompa and is eating the slug things, Willy Wonka sticks out his tongue and you can see the green dye has stained it from previous takes. Since we see his uncertainty and then revulsion, it's safe to assume that he's not eaten them before.


Correction: Wonka also states that the Oompa-Loompas use different things to try to make the larvae edible. It is possible that he HAD tried the larvae before, in their natural state (after all, he was there looking for new, exotic tastes for candy), and that the bowl he was handed by the chief was with some added "condiment" but still tasted horrible. This would explain why Wonka at first is reluctant to try the food, and his repulsion to it.


Corrected entry: When the messengers ride out of the factory to put the posters out in the town, their motorbikes create the only tracks visible in the snow. It's not snowing that heavily, and it's not that late at night - so where are all the tire tracks? (You can see later in the film when Charlie, Wonka and Grandpa Joe are flying back to the Bucket household that it is quite an active town and that there would be plenty of tire tracks left from the day's traffic.).

Correction: It is far too presumptuous to say it's not that late or it hadn't been snowing before the messengers etc. Just because there was a bit of traffic in the day doesn't mean there would be a large number of tyre marks in the snow at night. We are only shown a few streets and there is nothing to prove that cars or vehicles were driving at night and in that part of town. We don't know what time it is so it's impossible to say cars were driving around and we don't know how much snow has been falling up to that point.

Lummie Premium member

Corrected entry: In the shot of the Denver news vans outside of Mike Teevee's home, the call letters on the television stations begin with the letter W. Denver's stations actually start with the letter K.

Correction: While it is true that most stations west of the Mississippi River have call letters that start with K, some stations west of the Mississippi start with a W such as WDAY in Fargo, North Dakota and WRR in Dallas, Texas. These stations were around before the current law and were thus grandfathered in, the station at Mike's house could be one of those stations. Also, given how big the news of the golden tickets is it is not unlikely that stations from other states may have travelled out for some footage of a winner.

Corrected entry: The film is set in the UK, but Charlie and his family use American words such as "candy" and "vacation" many times throughout the movie.

Correction: Where in this movie has it ever said that it's set in the UK? This is fiction; some people assume that the film is set there because of the way some of the characters talk, but who's to say that they don't live in some made-up country or world?


Corrected entry: English people do not use the word candy when talking about bars of chocolate. I even heard a child in the cinema I was in asking their parents whether they were talking about chocolate when they said candy.

Correction: It never specifically states where the film takes place. Of course, the film is called Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, so they could have made an effort, but it's not a mistake.


Corrected entry: When Willy goes trick-or-treating, he is holding a pillowcase/bag, but when his father spills the candy on the table, it is out of a pumpkin bucket.

Correction: The plastic pumpkin bucket could be inside the pillowcase. Instead of carrying the small pumpkin bucket about, he could have put it inside the pillowcase, which would have probably been much more easier to carry.

Hamster Premium member

Corrected entry: When the hose that sucks up the chocolate out of the chocolate river is pulled out, there is no chocolate left on the base of the hose, or inside it. Considering it is liquid, wouldn't it stick to at least the base, where it was in the river?

Correction: Well since the suction made a whirlpool out of the chocolate, the only chocolate that would touch the pipe would be the chocolate going up into the pipe, and the suction would have cleaned the inside out very well.

Corrected entry: When Charlie opens his "birthday present" he rips the front open and is disappointed. Yet the tickets are placed on the back of the bar, as seen at the start of the film. But Charlie immediately breaks the bar and hands it out, without checking the back.

Correction: It has already been corrected that the golden tickets are placed on top.

shortdanzr Premium member

Corrected entry: When the Oompa Loompas are rolling Violet around in giant blueberry form there is a shot of her head looking very scared at the side of her body (ie, they were rolling her sideways with her arms going under but her head staying level). Then, without missing a beat, just before she comes to a stop in front of Willy Wonka she is rolling the other way (so that her head would be underneath her body at certain points in the turn.

Correction: Not true, the Oompa Loompas roll her as if she was doing a cartwheel, so both her arms and her head would hit the ground. Then they start rolling her like she is doing a tumble.

Corrected entry: When the Oompa-Loompas come out at night to put up flyers advertising the golden ticket contest, they are tall enough to reach several feet up on the telephone poles. The next time we see them, however, it is shown that they are much smaller and would not be able to reach that high.

Correction: They weren't Oompa Loompas. They even give you a few head shots just to show you that, and if you look it is obvious that they don't look remotely like Oompa Loompas.


Corrected entry: The first time Willy accidentally collides with the glass elevator door, a crew member can be seen reflected on the left side of the screen. It's right at the end of the shot.

Correction: Actually, it is not a crew member that can be seen, it's Grandpa Joe's reflection that you see.

Corrected entry: When the squirrels have captured Verucca Salt, why doesn't her father just climb over the gate instead of waiting for Wonka to find the right key?

Correction: Because he is prim and proper. It would be inappropriate to jump over a fence, especially in a suit.

Corrected entry: When Willy is running through the Flags of the World exhibit at the museum, the last flag shown is the Iraqi flag. However, the version of the flag that's shown only came into use after the first Gulf War. When Willy was a boy, the flag would not have had the writing.

Correction: A year is not given anywhere during this movie as to when this movie takes place.

Brian Dillree

Corrected entry: When Willy is talking about his idea of transmitting chocolate through TV in the TV room, you can see he has his high heeled boots on. Next, you see a far shot and you can see he's wearing flat boots.

Correction: Not true his boots are always high heeled it's just that in the far shot it LOOKS like it but if you look close you can see that there is an indent to were the heel is, it is very hard to see if you just glance at it because it is fuzzy but it's there.


Corrected entry: Towards the beginning when the Wonka trucks are driving out of the factory gates with the Wonka bars, the first scene shows the the trucks turning towards the left side of the screen (they are making a right turn from the driver's point of view). In another shot they are going straight.

Correction: They are going straight because a few seconds have passed and the trucks are now out of the turn and going straight ahead on a straight road.


Corrected entry: Twice Willy crashed into the elevator's closed glass doors. In neither instance was there a join going down the middle that would be there when two doors closed against each other. It was if he had crashed into a solid piece of glass. The shots were wide enough so that the join would have been visible even if he'd only hit one of the doors.

Wayne C.

Correction: Because everything in the factory was "perfectly made" the elevator would not show a "joint" between the two doors. The elevator would look like one large piece of glass. This would explain why Willy Wonka crashed into it several times.

Corrected entry: At the beginning of the movie the Golden Tickets are shown being distributed around the world on trucks that leave the gates, but Grandpa Joe says that no one was allowed in the gates after Willy Wonka closed the factory down because he was afraid people would steal his recipes, so why let the truck drivers in? I think it can be safely assumed the Oompa-Loompas are too small to be able to drive a truck. (I do realize Willy Wonka would have needed some method of distribution to make a profit with his factory, but with all the amazing things inside the factory, why not use a chute that goes outside the gates, especially since Willy was as afraid of his recipes getting stolen as he was.

Correction: Actually Grandpa says the only thing you see leaving the factory is the chocolate. And you will also see that the boxes are shipped in the truck. The truck drivers don't get out of the truck nor enter the factory. The boxes are placed into the truck, and the truck leaves.

Corrected entry: When Mike TV is being beamed into Wonka-Vision TV, you can see the wire above his left shoulder when he is lifted into the beaming device.

Correction: When I first saw this, I thought the same thing, but if you look in a later shot, you can see that the straight line that appears to be a wire is actually a corner that separates the two walls behind him.

Corrected entry: The Wonka Chocolate Factory had been closed for years, but now it was operating even though no one was working there. As the gates opened and the five children and their parents walked into the yard, the snow had footprints everywhere in front of them. Who made the footprints if no one worked there?

Correction: Nobody ever says that no one works there. After all, the Oompa Loompas work there. People never see anyone go in or out of the factory, but the Oompa Loompas could move around outside, in the dark, when no one could see them.

wizard_of_gore Premium member

Corrected entry: Charlie's grandpa gave him a 1-pound coin to buy a Wonka Bar. So why didn't Charlie buy 10 Wonkas when he found the 10-pound note in the street? Or at least put his hand out for the change; after all his family is very strapped for cash.

Correction: His intention was to buy one Wonka Bar and keep the change. He was too excited to remember about the change since he won the Golden ticket.

Jane Doe

Corrected entry: Near the beginning of the movie there is an overhead shot of the trucks leaving the dock. At the end of this shot all the trucks are well away from the docks and almost out of the lot. The next shot from a different overhead perspective shows the last of the trucks still leaving the dock.

Wayne C.

Correction: There are docks on both sides. The first shot shows trucks leaving from the right side, and the overhead shows the left side trucks pulling away. You can see the tire marks in the snow.


Corrected entry: Willy Wonka says that the Oompa Loompa can't tolerate cold weather but they are seen later working in snow.

Dr Wilson

Correction: That's not snow, it's powdered sugar.


Corrected entry: Whenever Charlie takes a bite of chocolate in the movie it is obvious that he hasn't really put any of the candy in his mouth. There's a loud snap like he broke the bar but it's still in one piece.

Correction: In the book it says that he only takes little bites just enough to cover his tongue in a layer of rich decadent chocolate so that is what he does so it will make a snapping sound but it will also look like he didn't take anything off of it.


Corrected entry: The film is set in Britain, as is evident by the British money, but there are a couple of cars driving on the right hand side of the road.

Correction: We can assume there are cases of one-way traffic. There are cases in the US where you would see cars in the farthest lefthand lane in one-way streets.

Joshua Skains

Corrected entry: Wouldn't Wonka and the Bucket family call the Glass Elevator a "Lift" since they live in England?

Correction: And the Russians in Hunt for Red October should have been speaking Russian all the way through. I think we can give some artistic wiggle-room in this case since many Americans (of which the target audience is) may not know what a lift is. Also, it's called an elevator in the first movie and the book as well. In fact, there's a second book called "Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator".

Joshua Skains

Corrected entry: When the crates are being loaded onto the trucks from the conveyor belts in the opening sequence, they are being loaded into the center of the truck. However, in the next shot the crates are stacked up on the sides of the truck.

Correction: Perhaps someone was in the truck re-arranging them.

Joshua Skains

Corrected entry: On one of the machines in the "inventing room" there is a gauge labeled "PRESSURE" that is missing the pointer.

Correction: As odd as that factory was, can we really call this a mistake?

Joshua Skains

Corrected entry: When Mike is playing the video game at his house, he is using the joystick and we can see from the screen that the game he is playing is an FPS (first-person shooter). An FPS would never be played with a joystick because you need to control what direction you are facing as well as what direction you are moving. This is why modern controllers have two control sticks. If it was an older game (where you cannot look up and down, so there are only 3 "degrees of freedom" instead of 4) then there would be only one control stick but separate "strafe" keys would be needed, and joysticks do not have those.

Correction: Oh please. This is a bit extreme. Some time back, I played Doom all the time with a simple joystick. You can also get regular joysticks for PS2/Xbox as third party products.

Joshua Skains

Corrected entry: After Charlie finds the money and buys the third candy bar, the cashier does not give him any change.

Correction: Actually, we see the cashier put his change on the counter, just at the edge of the shot, but Charlie is too busy looking for the ticket to notice, and forgets his change when he leaves.


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Grandpa Joe: Mr. Wonka, I don't know if you remember me, but I used to work here in the factory.
Willy Wonka: Were you one of those despicable spies who everyday tried to steal my life's work and sell it to those parasitic copycat candy making cads?
Grandpa Joe: No, sir.
Willy Wonka: Then wonderful, welcome back.



In the scene in the glass elevator, when Mike Teavee wants to push a button, he presses the TV Room button. The elevator stops going down and immediately moves horizontally. The characters within the elevator are thrown against the wall from the sudden change. However, they are thrown against the wall that is in the direction the elevator is now moving, instead of the opposite wall as they should have been.



The many Oompa Loompas in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory are all played by the same man - Deep Roy. They used CGI to duplicate him. He would do a ton of different dance moves so when it's all put together, it would look like there were a bunch of different Oompa Loompas.