The Descent

Revealing mistake: There is a shot of Holly crawling through a tight space with the camera facing her moving backwards and she crawls forwards (about 30 minutes into the film). In this shot, the wheel marks of the camera can be seen on the ground in front of her.



Revealing mistake: When one of the girls falls and tries to get up to a tunnel, she grabs a large rock to help herself up. You can see the rock bend and wiggle under her weight.

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Revealing mistake: Towards the end when Sarah and Juno team up to find the exit, they pass underneath some thin stalactites. As Sarah goes under them, one of them wobbles as if it is made of rubber. In reality stalactites are rigid formations and are not supposed to wobble when touched.



Revealing mistake: In the blood pool when Sarah kills one of the Crawlers with an antler to the eye, she then drops it afterwards and it floats.

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