The Descent

The Descent (2005)

Ending / spoiler

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Everybody dies except for Juno and Sarah. At the end, Juno and Sarah take on one last battle with the crawlers. After they're defeated, Sarah stands in front of Juno holding a pick axe. She then shows Juno the necklace that Beth took from Juno when she accidently killed Beth and left her to die. Soon, Juno realizes that Sarah knows about Beth and Juno's affair with Sarah's late husband as more crawlers come after them. Sarah impales Juno's leg with the axe and leaves her to die like Juno did to Beth. As Sarah runs, Juno's screams are heard through the caverns as the crawlers rip her apart. Sarah falls down a hole and lands on a pile of skeletal remains. She sees a light and heads out of the cave and into daylight, relieved that she escaped. She takes the vehicle they came in and drives away. She pulls to the side of the road where she lets out a cry of relief. A semi comes by and honks at her, making Sarah vomit out the window from being startled. When she pulls her head back in, the ghost of Juno is sitting there staring at her as she screams. The credits roll with the picture of the girls. In the UNRATED VERSION of the film, there's a second ending. When Sarah sees the ghost of Juno in the vehicle, she awakens inside the cave she fell into -- the escape was a dream she had while briefly unconscious. She can hear the cries of the crawlers as they come closer and closer. But, she's comforted by one final vision of her daughter as she sits in front of her with her birthday cake. But as the camera pans out, it shows that Sarah is staring at nothing, the birthday candles are just her flickering torch, and she's still trapped inside the cave with the crawlers. We hear the sound of the crawlers nearby as the film fades to the credits.


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