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Trivia: When Michael Chiklis' wife, Michelle (who suffers from claustrophobia), first saw him in his The Thing outfit, she suffered a panic attack and had to be escorted off the set.

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Trivia: A Fantastic Four movie was filmed in 1994 with the intention to not release the movie to the public. The film's distributor, New Horizons, had the Fantastic Four license for some time and would have lost it if they didn't make a movie promptly. When rumors circulated that Chris Columbus wanted to make a movie version of the comic, New Horizons scrambled to film their own version so they could hold onto the license for a few more years. The actors and most of the crew were unaware that the movie was never to be released, but many began to suspect it when the director made no effort to ensure any level of quality in the film. The 1994 version continues to circulate via illegal bootlegs, similar to the Star Wars Holiday Special.

Trivia: The Thing actually does weigh only 500 lbs.

Trivia: It has been stated by FF creator Stan Lee that their powers are based on the four elements: Mr. Fantastic's stretching ability is based (loosely) on the malleability of water, the Invisible Woman's power is based invisibility of air, the Thing's rocky appearance is based on earth, and the Human Torch's is obviously based on fire.


Trivia: The Thing suit weighed 60 pounds and required six hours to put on. It became so hot that two holes were put in (one on the back of the head, one on the posterior) to allow air conditioning units to cool down the actor inside. Michael Chiklis observed that he spent the entire time either filming or with an air conditioner stuck up his ar*e.

Trivia: There are two Wilhelm screams during the Thing/Dr. Doom fight, one as the car and Doom plough into the bus, one shortly after.

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Trivia: Fantastic Four creator (and Marvel editor-in-chief) Stan Lee has a cameo as Willy Lumpkin, the Four's mailman. To date, it's his only Marvel movie cameo based on an actual comic character.


Trivia: Michael Chiklis was a comic-book fan and a "Fantastic Four" fan growing up, and considers playing "The Thing" in two films to be a childhood dream come true. Even though the series was later rebooted and then eventually sold to Disney/Marvel, Chiklis even stated in a 2017 interview that he'd be more than happy to play the character again in a future reboot.

Trivia: The R1 DVD/Blu-Ray release of the film actually contains several several small but noticeable alterations from the original theatrical version in its editing and effects. It has been suggested that the theatrical cut wasn't the intended final cut (and that it had to be shipped to theaters before being completed due to its impending release) and that the DVD/Blu-Ray version contains the final few tweaks that the director/producers intended to put in. Oddly enough however, the original unalterred theatrical cut was released on DVD in certain countries, and is the version that is currently (as of 2017) available to stream on Netflix in the US.

Trivia: When Sue is looking for something in a garage a robot is seen - it's called Herbie, was made for Reed, and saw action in the cartoon TV series.


Trivia: The figurine of The Thing held by Johnny belongs to Marvel Legends series from 2002.


Trivia: Susan Storm looks very nervous when Victor Von Doom proposes. In this scene, Jessica Alba was not acting. She was suffering from a kidney infection and passed out immediately after the shot.

Trivia: Chris Evans ad-libbed most of his dialogue.

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