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Corrected entry: George A. Romero actually has his own little trademark in his zombie flicks. It's a zombie on fire. In all his zombie movies of his there is at least one who ends up completely engulfed in flame.

Correction: Tthere is no flaming zombie in Day of The Dead.

Corrected entry: Society globally has collapsed, yet for some reason money is still worth something, as Dead Reckoning is "a 5-million dollar vehicle" and apartments in Fiddlers Green cost money. If there are no stock markets, no other nearby human settlements, how is money still being used and cycled effectively through the city?


Correction: Money, in it simplest form, is simply an agreed-upon currency. After a society falls, one of the first things that happens when it's reforming is the establishing of currency. Obviously a "dollar" for them would be much different than the dollar we use.

Jason Hoffman

Corrected entry: At the beginning in the liquor store when John Leguizamo opens the cooler doors and out comes a zombie, If you look closely at the zombie you can see that this is "Bub" from "Day Of The Dead". You can see the zombie is wearing the same kind of camouflaged jacket and has a dog's choke chain around his neck. Sherman Howard originally played "Bub" in the 1985 movie, but is played here by an unknown actor.

Correction: It wasn't Bub. Bub was still trapped in the underground bunker down in florida. However, it did look a lot like bub.

Corrected entry: According to Dawn of the Dead (2004), zombies ignore animals like dogs, which is why they sent the dumb mutt across town. In this film, when the two zombies are fighting in the ring, the main character asks, "What kind of food are we fighting over this time: dog or cat?"

Correction: Dawn of the Dead (2004) is not a Romero film, it is a remake of Romero's Dawn of the Dead (1978), but it was not made by him. In Romero's films the zombies do eat animals, and they only walk slowly, unlike Dawn of the Dead (2004) where they run.


Corrected entry: When they are in a pickup, Slack asks Riley how long their friend has until he'll become a zombie, he refers to his little brother as a "she".

Correction: Character mistake, not a movie mistake. I've accidentally called my mom dad and my dad mom on a few occasions.

Corrected entry: All the zombies must have lead in their shoes as they are walking on the bottom of the sea without floating up like corks.

Correction: Maybe they took loads of seawater into their stomachs and lungs. They are undead and have no need for air. Maybe there is something about becoming a zombie that changes their natural buoyancy.


Corrected entry: Where have the surviving residents of Fiddlers Green obtained all the latest clothing, computers and firearms? The desert camouflaged uniforms some soldiers wore was not even invented until the early 1980's. If society's collapse started in 1978 in Dawn of the Dead, shouldn't everyone still be wearing bell bottoms and leisure suits, since that's when all fashion and technology ceased?

Correction: According to the timeline of Land of the Dead, the outbreak happened 3 years ago, even though the last movie in the series was over 20 years ago.

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