Land of the Dead

Riley and the others arrive in Dead Reckoning only to see zombies feasting on people. He fires missiles and destroy them, thinking he has come too late, but other survivors appear. They thank Riley and go their seperate ways.Riley sees the main zombie and says that it's just looking for somewhere to go, much like himself. They then leave in Dead Reckoning to find their own place, firing fireworks into the air as they go.


Revealing mistake: At the beginning of the movie, when the guy is bitten in the wrist, if you watch and listen closely when he shoots himself, the blood comes out of his head before he actually shoots.

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Kaufman: In a world where the dead are returning to life, the word "trouble" loses much of its meaning.

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Trivia: The writers of Shaun of the Dead are in this film as a cameo. They are the zombies in the photo booth (around the time when Riley is in the gambling pit run by the midget).

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Question: Is there going to be a sequel to this movie? I checked IMDB and didn't find anything, I'm just trying to get more confirmation.

Sir William

Chosen answer: George A Romero the director of the film has mentioned he would like to do a sequel, sort of a part 2 to the first, here is a link where you can read it for yourself.

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