American Pie

Trivia: Eugene Levy originally turned down the role of Jim's dad, stating he didn't like the way the part was written, as well as asking why he would want to be in a movie that he himself wouldn't go see. His manager convinced him to meet with the directors. They agreed to let him improvise the part to his liking, and ended up expanding the role.


Trivia: A little trivia for the American-Pie-Movies fans: The movie is obviously based in Michigan, as apparent by the dialogue of the characters and the frequent mention and appearance of such schools as the University of Michigan and Michigan State University. What most people don't realize, is that the characters live in a town called "Great Falls", which is based on the writer's hometown, Grand Rapids. Those of us fans who live in Grand Rapids, Michigan have so much fun with these movies because they contain one hidden reference to our town after another. For instance, the kids go to East Great Falls High School. One of the biggest and most preppy schools in the area is East Grand Rapids High. Also, the hotdog shop that the guys frequent, "Yesteryears", is a real place: only we call it "Yesterdog" and it's been a very popular hangout for almost 50 years. In the sequel, the guys go to Grand Harbor, a resort town by the lake. This is a place based on a town on Lake Michigan called Grand Haven. Many of us who live in Grand Rapids actually do this very thing during the summers. There are again, many references to Grand Haven (and Grand Rapids again) in the sequel, but the movie does short the audience on one thing: one of Grand Haven's highlights is a fantastic pier and lighthouse. The lighthouse that Jim and Nadia go to is pathetic in comparison. If you ever have the pleasure of visiting West Michigan, and are so inclined, be sure to watch the movies with a native and then visit the real locations.

Trivia: In the trailer, the pie is missing from the table when Jim's dad says, "We'll just tell your mother we ate it all."

Trivia: In the scene when Jim and his Dad are looking and talking about the porno magazines the whole scene was improvised. Jason Biggs would open up to any page and Eugene Levy would start improvising on that picture. In fact, you see Jason Biggs' actual reaction when he's laughing about the last picture of a giant orgy.


Trivia: After Stifler drinks the semen-filled beer, Kevin says, "Hey Stifler, how's the pale ale?" Before objections from the MPAA arose, the original line was, "Hey Stifler, how's the man chowder?"

Trivia: In the scene where the lacrosse team is in the locker room, right before OZ comes in singing, Stiffler is talking to his friend. Listen carefully - he says "Man, that cheerleader, she wants me man, she called me up last night asking for my number..." Most likely some ill-thought out improvised dialogue, but it fits with Stifler's moronic attitude. Worth a listen nonetheless. (00:58:42)

Trivia: In an interview just after this movie was released Jason Biggs said that in the famous "Pie Humping" scene the director originally had Jim jumping up on the counter and screwing the pie missionary style and then when his father walked in him getting surprised and falling off the counter. They filmed Jim doing both. However, the counter version didn't seem as funny or as practical as the released version. The counter version is available on some DVD versions.


Trivia: I can't take credit of this one - it's on the DVD under Feature Commentary. In the scene when Jim (Jason Biggs) jumps over the hedge and falls, his real mother can be seen walking in the background. (00:46:58)


Trivia: Oz never discloses his middle name to Heather, but according to the original script, his middle name is Deiter.

Trivia: Before the American Pie movies made the acronym "MILF" famous, a terrorist group in the southern Philippines called the Moro Islamic Liberation Front used the acronym since they were formed in 1981 and still uses it to this day when addressing themselves.


Trivia: In the scene where the guys come out of DogYears and Finch tries to take off on his scooter, the scooter actually did break down. Finch was actually supposed to ride off on the scooter as planned in the script but this take was used instead.

Trivia: Before being cast as Michelle, Alyson Hannigan was initially offered the role of Heather. But after reading the script, she changed her mind and asked to play Michelle instead.

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Continuity mistake: When Stifler's mom seduces Finch, you can clearly see Finch playing with the balls on the pool table. The camera cuts to another shot, and when it's back to Finch, the balls are back in the original place. (01:20:13)

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Michelle: What's my name? Say my name, bitch!

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Question: Does anyone know the name of the song near the end of the movie, just after the prom, when they're all kissing?

Answer: The song is called Sway by Bic Runga.

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