The French Connection

Trivia: Eddie Egan, the real police detective who inspired the character Popeye Doyle, plays Doyle's superior in the movie.

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Bob Blumenfeld

Trivia: The casting of Fernando Rey was an accident. William Friedkin had wanted to cast Francisco Rabal, whom he had seen in Belle de jour (1967), but at the time didn't know his name. Only after actor and director met did Friedkin realize Rey wasn't the actor he had wanted. Friedkin ended up keeping Rey after learning that Rabal spoke neither English nor French.

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Cubs Fan

Trivia: During the subway chase scene Hackman collides with another vehicle. This wasn't supposed to happen and the vehicle wasn't even supposed to be on the set. The crash looked cool, so it was kept.

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Trivia: James Caan, Peter Boyle and Steve McQueen were all offered the role of "Popeye" Doyle but turned it down for various reasons. Gene Hackman was eventually cast without auditioning, reading for the part or screen-testing.

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