The Land Before Time V: The Mysterious Island
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Ducky: Spike, pay attention. You are supposed to be sad like the rest of us.

Cera's Father: My daughter is gone, and I blame that boy of your's.
Grandpa: Littlefoot? Why?
Cera's Father: Because... I need someone to blame.

Littlefoot: At least we're safe from the swimming sharp tooth.
Cera: Yeah, I'd much rather be eaten by the one that walks.

Elsie: So I was swimming along minding my own business when I saw this long neck on the beach.
Littlefoot: That's my grandpa.
Elsie: Is he now? So that's where you get your good looks.

Ducky: I am so hungry, my tummy is rumbling.
Petrie: Me hear it.
Ducky: That is not my tummy. That is an earthshake.

Chomper: I don't think it's safe for you guys to be here. My dad can smell you.
Petrie: Us smell bad?
Chomper: No. He thinks you smell good.
Petrie: That's even worser.

Littlefoot: So, you like it here?
Chomper: It's okay. There's not much food.
Cera: Till now.

Ducky: I will miss Cera, Littlefoot and Petrie.
Petrie: Me no miss Ducky. Me no miss Spike neither.
Ducky: Maybe I will not miss you either.

Cera: This is like waiting for your hatch day. It never seems to get any closer.

Ducky: I do not mind finding food. I do not want to be food.

Cera's Father: As much as I don't like to agree with the long neck, I'm afraid he's right.

Continuity mistake: After the dinosaurs are on the island, they see that the path they crossed to get there is gone, so they have no way of getting back. Then when they call their parents a little bit of the path and some rocks (that weren't there before) suddenly reappear. Then when they sail back on the log about half of the path is restored.

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