Puppet Master

Trivia: Whenever we see Pinhead's hands punching someone or picking something up, the hands are actually the hands of a stunt-woman named Cindy Sorensen. Sorensen has dwarfism, so her hands were the perfect size to portray the puppet's.


Trivia: The puppets actually only have about five minutes of screentime, despite being the main selling point of the film.


Trivia: "Puppet Master" was originally intended to be a theatrical release. However, series creator Charles Band found that he was making more money in the video market than in theaters, so the film was instead released direct-to-video. It was a huge hit for Band, leading to ten official sequels, a non-canonical spin-off (Puppet Master VS Demonic Toys) and a reboot. (The Littlest Reich).


Trivia: Originally, an early version of the puppet "Six Shooter" was intended to be included in the film. The puppet would have been a six-armed ninja. Series creator Charles Band liked the idea of a puppet with six arms, and reused the idea later on in the third film, which introduced "Six Shooter."


Revealing mistake: When Dana is walking down one hall with Leroy and a bottle of champagne, the exit sign is reversed. (00:53:05)

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Frank Forrester: We also got a call from the white witch.
Alex Whitaker: You mean, Dana?
Frank Forrester: Yes, lovely Dana. She knows the location... it's an old hotel on the California coast.

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