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Family Plot (1976)

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Arthur Adamson is Edward Shoebridge. He faked his death and with the help of Joe Maloney (Lauter) set his parents' place on fire, killing them. When Blanche finally finds Adamson's place, she tells him all about Julia Rainbird and the inheritance he is to receive. But she then sees the priest (the only man besides Maloney who might have known about Adamson/Shoebridge or they were holding him for ransom for another diamond) fall out of the car door, which Fran tried to open and tuck his robe back in since some of it was hanging out of the door. Blanche then tries to escape, but Adamson gives her the shot which knocks her out for a couple hours and takes her to their secret room inside the house. Later George, following up on Blanche research, finds Adamson's home and goes inside. Just then Adamson and Fran return home and go inside the secret room where Blanche is and find out that she is still out cold from the shot they gave her. As they exit, George sneaks in and finds that Blanche has only faking her being out and they then plan to capture Adamson. When Adamson comes back for Blanche, Blanche jumps out of bed and runs out of the room as George closes the door and locks Adamson and Fran in. Knowing that Adamson might be a jewel thief, they try to find the jewels before they call the police. Blanche then actually uses psychic powers to find the jewel among Adamson's jewel chandelier.

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In the scene where Bruce Dern and Barbara Harris are eating hamburgers. He has two on his plate, from a back view she reaches over and takes one. He then removes the cap from the ketchup bottle. The shot switches to a view from his back and the cap is back on the ketchup. He then removes the cap again.



Alfred Hitchcock's silhouette can be seen in the window of the registry of births and deaths office. He is the figure on the right pointing at the figure on the left.