House of Wax
Movie Quote Quiz

Nick Jones: Bye, Wade.
Wade: Asshole.

Carly Jones: This Vincent guy is quite the artist.
Wade: Yeah. I think this Vincent guy needs therapy.

Paige Edwards: Lip balm. I dropped my stupid lip balm.

Nick Jones: Wade... dude... I'd really like to pound your ass.

Bo: I'm sorry mama, some people just have no respect.

Nick Jones: Ugh, Dalton, did you crap your pants again?
Dalton Chapman: What? No! I don't know, maybe. I am wearing my work clothes.

Wade: I just don't get what his beef is with me.
Carly Jones: Nick has beef with everyone.

Nick Jones: You're saying that that's a real person... underneath?

Paige Edwards: Did you find that fan belt thing or whatever?

Carly Jones: You have to be careful.
Nick Jones: I am being careful.

Paige Edwards: I swear, he's starting to like that car more then me now.

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