House of Wax

House of Wax (2005)

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Carly (Elisha Cuthbert) and Nick (Chad Michael Murray) are the last survivors after Wade (Jared Padalecki) is coated in wax by Vincent (Brian Van Holt) but lives (despite being impaled by needles). Wade dies from shock after being slashed in the face accidentally by Vincent. Dalton (Jon Anderson) dies after being stabbed while trying to save Wade. Blake (Robert Richards) is killed by Vincent (Bo's twin brother also played by Brian Van Holt) who stabs him in the neck. Paige (Paris Hilton) gets chased by Vincent who stabs her heel. She survives, hides in a car, then is killed when Vincent thrusts a spear through her forehead. Carly beats Bo with a bat and kills him. Vincent, seeing his brother's corpse, gets angry and stabs Nick in the knee with a knife. Carly pulls the knife out of Nick's knee and uses it to kill Vincent by impaling it through his hip. Vincent falls onto Bo's corpse. Nick and Carly escape the House of Wax while it burns to the ground, along with the corpses of Bo, Vincent, Wade and Dalton. In the last scene of the movie, police and an ambulance arrive to take Nick and Carly to the hospital. It is revealed that Bo and Vincent had another brother, Lester the man who drove Wade and Carly to Ambrose in the first place. Carly sees the smiling face of Lester through the window of the ambulance and the movie is over.


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Nick Jones: Ugh, Dalton, did you crap your pants again?
Dalton Chapman: What? No! I don't know, maybe. I am wearing my work clothes.



When Paige is 'spiked' by Vincent, she falls onto her hands and knees and her hands are in fists. Yet after Vincent starts filming her they have changed.



The entire set of the wax house burnt down during filming and had to be rebuilt all over again. Chad Michael Murray was on set when the fire began and was almost seriously injured.