Cube Zero
Cube Zero mistake picture

Continuity mistake: When Wynn looks at Rains' file, the drawer her file is in is slightly open before he finds it. The shot cuts to Dodd reading the paper, then back to Wynn, and her drawer is shut. (00:32:40)

Continuity mistake: When Rains spits on Haskell shortly after meeting him, you can see the spit trailing downwards. In the next shot, however, it inexplicably lands on Haskell's cheek, who's a good foot taller than Rains.


Continuity mistake: After Ryjkin is doused in acid, he begins to bleed on his shirt, partially obscuring his name that's stitched into the shirt. A few shots later, as he starts to pull his face off, the name is completely free of blood.


Continuity mistake: When Wynn enters the elevator, location arrow points to direction 1 o'clock between down and up. Elevator starts to lower, but now initial position of arrow has changed nearer to up position, to 2 o'clock. (00:45:55)

Paul Page

Continuity mistake: When Meyerhold throws the boots into the ice room, you can see it spinning, and there is absolutely no shoelace trailing off it, yet he somehow manages to pull a shoelace from the now broken shoe.


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