Kingdom of Heaven

Factual error: The crescent as emblem on Saracen pennants is anachronistic as it appeared on Islamic military flags no sooner than the 15th century A.D.

Factual error: The Patriarch of Jerusalem was (and is) not addressed as 'Your Eminence', which is reserved for Cardinals, but as 'Your Beatitude'.

Factual error: The title (as opposed to the name) is spelt 'Marshal', not 'Marshall' as it appears in the caption when Balian first meets Tiberius.

Factual error: Jerusalem isn't situated in a dry barren desert as it is in the movie. The view East from the walls of Jerusalem is toward the Garden of Gethsemane and the Mount of Olives (from where Saladin attacked on 20 September 1187).

Jacob La Cour

Factual error: It is mentioned that Saladin has crossed the Jordan River and is on his way to Jerusalem. Balian then rides to Kerak to defend the city. But Kerak is situated East of the Jordan River and South of where it runs into the Dead Sea, so Saladin would reach Kerak long before he crossed the Jordan River.

Jacob La Cour

Factual error: The warrior-monks of the Hospitaler and Templar orders were not priests, although they did have attached chaplains. The Hospitaler should therefore not have been able to give Godfrey the Last Rites.

Factual error: In 1184 Golgotha wasn't a barren hill outside the city walls (where Balian goes to reflect in solitude). It was in the middle of the city and there was (and still is) a church on the site.

Jacob La Cour

Factual error: Before the battle of Kerak we see the city with snow capped mountains in the background. There are no mountains that high visible from Kerak.

Jacob La Cour

Factual error: Prior to the battle with Saladin, there is a shot of the crescent moon. A star is shown inside the disk of the moon, but it should have been blocked out by the moon's presence.

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