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For Love of the Game (1999)

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Corrected entry: The last batter in the 9th is wearing number 60. You can see it when he takes a warm up swing. After he makes the last out of the game, there's the scene where the Tigers are celebrating. During which, there's a shot of the hitter walking back into the dugout, now wearing number 61.

Correction: 61 was the on deck hitter - he is carrying his bat and returning to the dugout from the area around home plate. The batter would have been returning from first base and he would not have been carrying his bat.

Corrected entry: At the end of the seventh inning when Detroit is walking off the field there is a permanent banner hanging off the mezzanine that reads "1984 World Series". This would not be hanging in Yankee stadium as they were not in the '84 series.


Correction: He was thinking back to 1984. This flashback takes place at Tigers Stadium in 1984.

Corrected entry: In almost every scene, Jane's hair is a different length. Sometimes it is long and sometimes it is above her shoulders.

Correction: This movie was flashbacks over 5 years, her hair also went from up, to flipped, to straightened. Her hair should have been different lengths.

Corrected entry: Kevin Costner has a pitcher's toe (piece of rubber on shoe to protect it from the constant dragging on the ground after a pitch) on the wrong foot. As a right handed pitcher, the pitcher's toe should be on the right shoe. In the movie, it shows it on the left one.

Correction: Kevin Costner is not wearing a pitchers toe at all. The design has what looks like a rubber covering on both cleats. Its most noticble in the 9th inning when they show him clearing dirt off the pitchers rubber.

Corrected entry: Heather, Jane's daughter, is a student at USC yet is able to watch Billy Chapel pitch a perfect game for the Detroit Tigers at Yankee Stadium live on her television set. USC is really generous in supplying satellite dishes to its students.

Correction: With Steve Lyons and Vin Scully, the game is clearly the Fox Game of the Week, which would be seen on national TV.

Continuity mistake: When the Tigers are coming to bat in the third inning, the announcer says that they have 2 hits so far, but the scoreboard at Yankee stadium just showed them as having 0.

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