Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind

Corrected entry: When Nausicaä is being held in the Pejite brig, and Lastel's mother and another girl come to free her, the girl who exchanges outfits with her gives her a red dress to wear. She's seen wearing this red dress until she encounters the baby ohmu later. She looks out and sees the stampeding ohmu while wearing the red dress, and ten seconds later when she's trying to prevent the baby from going into the lake she's suddenly wearing a blue dress, and it remains blue for the rest of the film. (01:25:05 - 01:43:05)

Correction: In the scene where Nausicaa is saving the baby ohmu, she becomes covered in ohmu blood which is blue. She needs to be wearing blue in order for the prophesy to be fulfilled. That is why her tunic goes from red to blue.

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Deliberate mistake: In the end sequence, when the joyous Valley of the Wind people run past Yuppa and the old woman to welcome back Nausicaä among the living, the same group(s) of people are seen twice running from the right to the left.

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Nausicaä: Every one of us relies on water from the wells, because mankind has polluted all the lakes and rivers. But do you know why the well water is pure? It's because the trees of the wastelands purify it! And you plan to burn the trees down? You must not burn down the toxic jungle! You should have left the giant warrior beneath the earth... Asbel, tell them how the jungle evolved and how the insects are gaurding it so we won't pollute the earth again. Asbel please.

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Trivia: In the first Western release, the movie was - for some unknown reason - dubbed "Warriors of the Wind", and the script underwent several (partially unreasonable) changes. Even some of the scenes where the more peace-seeking aspects were approached - like Nausicaä trying to raise non-poisonous plants in order to find the cause of the world's pollution - were simply cut out. Creator and director Miyazaki has since appealed to the fans to forget about this Western version.

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