Corrected entry: In Bigweld's "Hideout", Rodney knocks over the dominoes. As the biggest one is hit, we hear the 'clunk' sound. As the camera cuts, that sound is heard again, even though the biggest domino is already falling.

Correction: If you pause the sequence on your DVD-player and carefully look at the falling dominos, by gently forwarding the sequence, you can see part of the domino which you thought was the last one falling, on the left of your screen, coming towards you and hitting the real last domino, which explains the extra 'clunk' you thought was a mistake. The audio 'clunks' are therefore correct.

Corrected entry: When Bigweld is about to be destroyed in the chop-chop, his bucket keeps getting further from the furnace. But with no Bigweld there wouldn't be any Herb, would there?

Correction: No, there wouldn't. But what do you mean? Please explain this mistake clearer.

Corrected entry: The fantastic cross-town journey in the ball would have destroyed Rodney and Fender - especially since Fender tended to have pieces fall off of him regularly.

Correction: It's an animated work of fiction and depicted exactly what the producers/directors wanted. Nor was it intended for the movie to accurately depict the laws of known physics. As such it's not a mistake.

Corrected entry: When Rodney and the gang are about to attack Ratchet's hideout they are upgrading themselves with old parts. Later in the fight scene we see Drew Carey and the one who looks like the hulk fighting with parts not seen in the pile of junk.

Correction: They never show the whole junk pile. The parts were in the areas we didn't see.

Corrected entry: Right before the cross-town journey the pieces of the metal ball come together and you can see that Fender is not in the ball, yet when Rodney gets inside, he is there.

Correction: Yes he is there. Rodney is caught by one half of the ball, and when they come together you can see Fender sit in the other half.

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Fender: It's a mix between jazz and funk. I know! We can call it junk!



Following Rodney's step from the escalator on the red pedestal he is being scooped into one half of a wire-frame globe/ball. Two halves now (the other one has Fender in it) form an intact globe. A safety bar with a 'wooden' middle bit (like those on rollercoasters) suddenly appears. After their journey, when the ball splits back into two halves, the safety bar, which previously had mysteriously appeared, now has disappeared.



Not a mistake as such, but interesting to note. When Rodney and Fender are in Fender's room, lying in the hammocks, look behind Fender on the wall. Behind him is a "robot" version of the 'American Gothic' painting from the Rocky Horror Picture Show.