Regarding Henry

Regarding Henry (1991)

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Corrected entry: I find it hard to believe that Sarah would keep letters from her lover in her sock drawer. Especially knowing that Henry is at home looking through everything trying to pick up the pieces of his life.


Correction: This is a character mistake at best. She may have meant to get rid of them at some point, but after Henry's accident..may have forgot about them. Also she probably just assumed that Henry would never look there.

Gavin Jackson

Corrected entry: Henry brought home a puppy, but shouldn't have known to. He was not around when Rachel asked to get one.

Correction: Henry had returned home to live at this point so Rachel may have told him she wanted a puppy. In any case, when Henry bought the puppy there was no indication that he bought it for any other reason than he just wanted to.

Dale Topley



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In the scene where Henry is out on the balcony and Sara comes out carrying a bottle of beer, Henry is leaning with his elbows resting on a ledge. It can be seen that there is some kind of pad or cushion that he is leaning on because you can see it give when he moves. But when they sit the beer bottle down on the ledge the sound effects of a bottle touching stone or concrete can be heard. This sound should not be heard if the bottle touches the pad or cushion that is on the ledge.