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Trivia: Harrison Ford almost turned down the role of Henry Turner because the character was a trial lawyer and feared being typecast as he had already played one in Presumed Innocent (1990). He changed his mind when he found out that Henry would only be serving as a lawyer in the first 10 minutes of the movie.

Continuity mistake: As Jessica pours cream into Henry's coffee, in one shot the level is right at the top of the cup. But in the next shot, the level has dropped.

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Bradley: Hey Hank, whatcha doing?
Henry: Painting. Crackers.

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Question: If he forgot how to read how was he able to paint "Ritz" while at the rehab facility? Letters wouldn't have made any sense to him.

Answer: As Henry heals and goes through physical rehab, he gradually regains some of his former cognitive abilities, while completely relearning others. Also, the letters did not necessarily have to mean anything to him. The Ritz logo is just a visual picture to him that he has recreated.

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