The Castle of Cagliostro
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Waitress: I feel sorry for Lady Clarisse. The count's known for being a real playboy.
Lupin III: Oh, really? Just like me! Say, are you busy tonight?

Lupin III: That's Zenigata, truly the ideal of the Shoowa Period. A man incomparable for his determination to his work.

Daisuke Jigen: Which are we helping?
Lupin III: The girl.
Daisuke Jigen: Typical.

Lupin III: Hurry up, Old Man! We're gonna have company soon.
Inspector Zenigata: Evidence! I need evidence.

Inspector Zenigata: Damn! I was a step too slow! Lupin pulled off his theft.
Lady Clarisse de Cagliostro: No, he didn't steal anything. He fought for me.
Inspector Zenigata: No, ma'am. He stole something of no small value... your heart.
Lady Clarisse de Cagliostro: Yes, he did.
Inspector Zenigata: Well, then, I must be going.

Continuity mistake: Lupin's car windows are blown away in the car chase, and he and Gingen break all the remaining shards of glass from them. They then return again when lupin pulls up to the princess' car, then disappear in the following shot.

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