Continuity mistake: When Tim goes to the house and Kate falls off her horse, they go inside. When she leaves you can hear a car engine start. If she rode her horse to the house how did she get her car there?

Continuity mistake: When Tim is at the party at the beginning, the black girl goes and talks to Tim's girlfriend, and the lime on the black girl's martini changes places numerous times in between shots.

Continuity mistake: When Tim is going home, he is driving down the road and out the passenger side window is a police car. The next shot is the front of the car and the police car is not there.

Continuity mistake: When Tim drives up to his old house for the first time as an adult, there is someone sitting on the porch appearing to be knitting. When he starts to climb the stairs that person is now gone. You have to go slow, frame by frame, to see the person who is there about 2-3 seconds. (00:26:10)

mike harrison

Continuity mistake: After leaving his mother's funeral Tim is driving to his old home. When the crow hits his windshield he almost hits a semi. The back left hubcap comes off when he swerves to miss the semi. When he comes to a stop the hubcap is back on. (00:24:00)


Visible crew/equipment: In the last scene of the movie a microphone is visible twice at the top of the screen. (01:22:00 - 01:23:00)

Continuity mistake: At Tim's girlfriend's house, after Tim sees his mom's ghost, the girlfriend asks why he's on the floor. Her left shoulder is uncovered. In the next shot the same shoulder is now covered by her t-shirt.

Boogeyman mistake picture

Continuity mistake: The first time Tim walks towards his house as an adult, there is only a bench on the front porch. When he walks up the steps, there is a bicycle next to the door. (00:25:30)


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