The Snapper

The Snapper (1993)


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Kay Curley: It's a terrible shock.
Dessie Curley: What is?
Kay Curley: Being married for 25 years, and finding out your husband's a prick.

Dessie Curley: Nowadays, the husband are there, with the wives, you know. I think that's much better. Cause they're able to hold our hands and, help them and encourage them, and see their child being born.

Dessie Curley: Spanish, no less.
Sharon Curley: Yeah. Spanish.
Dessie Curley: An Irish sailor wasn't good enough for you, what? And will Sinbad the Spanish sailor pay for Burgess' broken window, I wonder.

Dessie Curley: I haven't cried since I was a kid.
Sharon Curley: You cried during the World Cup.
Dessie Curley: Sober, Sharon! Sober.

Sharon Curley: Why won't you talk to me anymore?
Dessie Curley: I do talk to you.
Sharon Curley: You don't.
Dessie Curley: Yes, I do! I said hello to you yesterday.

Factual error: When Sharon is being driven by her Dad to the hospital to give birth to her baby ('Snapper'), they drive over a bridge on the River Liffey in Dublin to the south side of the city. However, the Rotunda Hospital, where she gives birth is on the North side of the city, quite a distance away from where they seemed to be headed.

Deborah Nolan
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