The Prey

The Prey (1984)

Plot summary

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In Colorado in a place called Northpoint, Keen Wild back in 1948; A man called Jake had started a forrest fire so that he could kill a guy who had supposedly "raped" his wife. dwelling in the caves at the time was a family of gypsies who were camping there, and the guy who had "raped" Jake's wife was one of the gypsies. So to kill the so called "rapist" gypsy Jake was forced too kill all of them as he didn't know which one was too blame. But the fire got out of hand and resulted not only in scorching the nomadic clan but barbecued Jake and his friends as well...or so it seems.
Cut to 1980 and a three couples are out on a hiking trip despite a recent mysterious double slaying of middle-aged teaching couple just a couple of nights before. As the head off into the wilderness they suddenly find themselves being picked off one by one by someone or something dwelling somewhere within the undergrowth.


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