The Prey

The Prey (1984)

Ending / spoiler

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The disfigured multiple murderer turns out to be a sole survivor out of the gypses who were burned alive in the deliberatly started forest fires of 48 (which left him burned beyond recognition).The gypsey is looking for a potential mate and is keen on making one out of Bobbie or Nancy, Bobbie blunders into one of gypsey's booby traps and has her face smashed into a rock face/tree trunk. So only Nancy is left to satisfy gypsey until Ranger Mark O'Brien shows up and shoot a dart at gypsey followed by clobbering him with a log. Sadly neither does in gypsey who enraged crushes Mark's throat in with his bare hands. Nancy is recaptured and dragged back into a cave, cue nine months later and a newborn baby is heard screaming from within the depths of the cave.


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