Bob Goodall is revealed to be the serial murderer when he stabs mechanic Clyde 'Shorty' Callahan, Lane Dixon learns he's a killer when he slashes train engineer Tex Monroe. Frank LaCrosse catches up to the train both of them are on and since he mistakes Lane for his suspect he ends up letting Bob a chance to slice Lane's throat. A scrape soon breakes out between Bob & Frank which climaxes on both dangling from an ice breaker. Bob falls off and lands on a broken off tree branch which impales him right through his chest. Before Lane loses consioussness he manages to let slip where Andy LaCrosse is hidden. Frank with the aid of Sheriff Buck Olmstead is reunited with his son.


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Deputy Nate Booker: Maybe we should have turned him in.
Sheriff Buck Olmstead: Maybe we should have done a lot of things differently... But turning Frank in was never an option.
Deputy Nate Booker: Why not?
Sheriff Buck Olmstead: Because he told the truth. Once you've heard the truth, everything else is just cheap whiskey.



After the accident Frank is climbing the hill towards the train. There are several paths of footprints through the fresh snow. One to the left and another up the path he is climbing.