The Maddening

The Maddening (1996)

Plot summary

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Cassie Osborne is sick of her husband, David spending more time focused on his job than he is with her or their five-year-old daughter, Samantha. So much so in fact that after one particular heated argument the night before she decides to sneak off the next day (while he's away at work) with Sam and secretly spend some time at her sister Joanne's home...but neither ever gets to their destination. Next day a frantic Joanne and her husband Jake call the cops about Cassie's disappearance, Joanne ever one to jump to conclusions becomes convinced David is responsible for her sister and neice's vanishings and soon so does local cop Detective, Chicky Ross. Despite the accusations David scours the countryside for his spouse and sprog and learns from local garage attendents, Conrad and Truman that Cassie broke down so she and Sam got a lift from garage owner Roy Scudder who offered too fix her car at his home workshop in Turkey Creek. Only problem is that Roy, his odd wife Georgina and their retarded daughter Jill have no intention of letting either of them leave or call anyone, especially since Georgina and Jill have got it into their heads that Cassie and Sam are Georgina's sister Melenna and her daughter Donna who disturbingly went missing soon after the Scudder's son Arthur strangely died and now Roy's started talking to his late father's empty wheelchair convinced his dad's still alive. Nor before long do they want David to leave either, for fear he'll break up their happy family home life...not to mention he might uncover their guilty skeletons in lurking in their closet. As David struggles to escape from the confines of his makeshift prison and Roy begins to secretly have his way with Cassie behind his wife's back as Jill beats and humilates Sam. The Osbournes only hope now lies in the dogged Chicky Ross taking up the pursuit of David and following his trail back to the Scudders, before Roy's demntia erupts into bloodshed and tragedy for the Osbournes.


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