The 39 Steps

The 39 Steps (1935)

8 mistakes - chronological order

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Continuity mistake: Hannay is talking to the milkman inside the door. Outside the door you can see across the street, the two guys walking down the sidewalk. A moment later, Hannay goes toward the door and now there's the milk wagon on the street right in front of the door. When Hannay pointed out the two guys across the street to the milkman, the milk wagon wasn't there and the milkman is inside with Hannay so he couldn't have pulled it up.

Revealing mistake: The serial number of the autogyro has been reversed, showing that the stock shot has been reversed for effect.

Revealing mistake: When the compere introduces Mr. Memory in the Music Hall at the start of the film, Robert Donat's stand-in is sitting in his place in the audience on at least two occasions.

Continuity mistake: When Hannay and Pamela are on the bed at the inn, Hannay asks Pamela to pass a nail file to him and you can see Hannay is about to take a bite of his sandwich. In the next shot, his hand with the sandwich is well away from his mouth.

Character mistake: During Mr Memory's act at the beginning of the film, he gives the answer regarding the last British heavyweight boxing champion and then says, "Am I right, sir?", but the question was asked by a woman.

Revealing mistake: During Mr Memory's act at the beginning of the film, a woman asks, "Who was the last British heavyweight champion of the world?". As she is saying this, you can see the man sitting next to her mouthing her exact words.

Continuity mistake: When Professor Jordan is speaking to Hannay, he draws out a revolver with his left hand, but when the Professor's wife leaves the room, we cut back to the Professor, and he now has the revolver in his right hand.

Revealing mistake: During Mr Memory's performance at the end of the film, he stops speaking and flinches before the shot is fired.

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